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Matt Kamen stalks the voice cast of Casshern Sins to see where their wanderings took them next.

Casshern – Tohru Furuya. Furuya is a voice acting legend, bringing Gundam’s Amuro Ray, Dragonball’s Yamcha and Sailor Moon’s Tuxedo Mask all to life. He has returned to the role of Amuro several times, as well as serving as the narrator of Gundam 00. In the same series, he portrayed Ribbons Almark, though he did so under the pseudonym Noboru Sogetsu. Most recently, Furuya has been voicing the ‘legendary hero’ AkaRed in the live action steampunk superhero series Pirate Task Force Gokaiger – a crimson warrior who embodies the combined powers of the 35-year Super Sentai series: the ultimate Power Ranger!

Lyuze – Nami Miyahara. The badass female cyborg Lyuze was a departure for Miyahara, whose earlier career saw her in light-hearted adventure comedies such as Magic User’s Club and Magical Doremi. Following the end of Casshern Sins, you can find her in mermaid fantasy Sea Story, military musical girls drama Sounds of the Sky (aka So Ra No Wo To) and, most recently, the lead character’s sister, Akari Tsukumo, in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. Playing an endless card game is probably relaxing after Casshern’s apocalypse….

Ringo – Yuko Minaguchi. Fans of Dragonball Z probably know Minaguchi as the voice of Gohan’s paramour Videl (and later their daughter, Pan), though many of her roles see her playing characters similar to Ringo – cute, innocent and just a bit…. squeaky. Besides Pan, other well-known characters Minaguchi has lent her vocal chords to Sailor Saturn in Sailor Moon, Yaone in Saiyuki: Reload and Akiko in both versions of heartwrenching romance series Kanon. Recently, she broke this pattern for cute and kind characters by voicing Queen Mercelida, the promiscuous ruler of the netherworld in the questionably sexualised Astarotte’s Toy, and most recently had a guest spot on last season’s Is This a Zombie?

Ohji – Yuichi Nagashima. Veteran actor Nagashima really gets into character – so much so, he now insists on being credited as ‘Chō’, after his role in live-action educational show Tanken Boku no Machi! In Casshern Sins, he’s the voice of Ringo’s guardian Ohji and followed his young charge’s actress Minaguchi into roles in Astarotte’s Toy and another guest spot on Is This a Zombie? “Cho” is also one of the biggest dub actors in Japan, where native viewers will hear him on western series such as Teen Titans, Transformers and Looney Tunes!

Luna – Akiko Yajima. Although not in every episode of Sins, Luna is a pivotal character and her voice actress Yajima has the credentials to match that importance. Following on from major roles in Inu Yasha, Gundam Wing and The Big O, and a supporting role in Naruto as Ranmaru, you’ll next be able to hear Yajima as Angela, one half of a hermaphroditic angel with a split personality in the upcoming Black Butler! That’s certainly something creative to look forward to, wouldn’t you say…?

The second and final volume of Casshern: Sins is out now on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.

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