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Before you set sail on the latest round of voyages for One Piece, brush up on who you’ll be encountering in this latest volume of nautical nonsense!

Tony Tony Chopper: Once a normal reindeer, after eating the Hito-Hito Fruit, Chopper gained the ability to transform into a human. He normally maintains a diminutive hybrid appearance, but can take on a more powerful form if forced into a combat role. He also developed extreme intelligence, enough to train as a doctor – a role he enthusiastically fulfils after joining Luffy’s crew. A whiz with a chemistry set, he’s able to create a wealth of medicines and tonics for his new friends, and even creates a pill called ‘Rumble Ball’ that enhances his own powers further. However, as the youngest crewmate, Chopper is naïve about the world and keen to avoid fighting wherever possible.

Nico Robin: A child prodigy who became an archaeologist aged only eight, Robin initially faces the Straw Hat Pirates as an enemy, the vice president of Baroque Works. Having joined the criminal organisation after the World Government framed her as a would-be world conqueror, she switches sides after Luffy saves her life. As well as serving as the crew’s new researcher and specialist in ancient artefacts, she brings a wealth of knowledge about world politics and criminal activity. Robin also has the bizarre ability to make copies of her body parts ‘bloom’ on any nearby surface, thanks to eating the Flower-Flower Fruit.

Nefertari Vivi: The princess of Alabasta, Vivi is a kind and pleasant soul, always putting the needs of her people above her own. She’s also has a way with stealth, having infiltrated and worked her way up the ranks of Baroque Works, all to gather evidence of a conspiracy against her father. It’s under her Baroque alias of Miss Wednesday that she first meets Luffy and crew but, after a classic misunderstanding (read: FIGHT!), Vivi temporarily joins the crew as they journey to her homeland, and a showdown with the terrifying Crocodile – a malevolent pirate who has usurped the throne.

Smoker: Also known as ‘The White Hunter’, Smoker is a thorn in the Straw Hats’ side from the moment he crosses their path in Loguetown. Despite being an officer in the Marines, he’s prone to operating off the radar, ignoring rules and conventions in the course of his dogged pursuit of Luffy. Having eaten the Plume-Plume Fruit, he has the ability to control smoke, even changing his entire body into it. This makes him a nightmare to fight – how do you hit someone you can’t touch, when he’s filling your lungs with thick, noxious fog?

Wapol: A corpulent hulk of a man, Wapol is the corrupt heir apparent to Drum Island. Unlike his father, a king beloved by the people, Wapol is a greedy, cruel monster. Having taken a handful of Drum Island’s world-renowned doctors hostage and killed the rest, he rules with an iron fist; controlling access to healthcare to force the people into subservience. Having eaten the Munch-Munch Fruit, he can devour anything and adopt its properties into his own body, though Wapol will always rely on his underlings to fight for him before sullying his hands.

One Piece, the third box set, is out now in the UK from Manga Entertainment.

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