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Paul Jacques rounds up the best ladies from the MCM Comic Con

Winner of the ladies’ cosplay was Julie Morrisroe’s note-perfect Hellboy, or should that be Hellgirl? Absolutely amazing. We have to salute the amount of effort, care and attention to detail that has gone into this costume. Great pose and extra points for the cigar — as the winner, Julie receives a canvas print of her hellish costume.

Among the runners up was Lauryn Lockyear’s Gaara from Naruto — great costume and great pose.

Meanwhile, our judges found this get-up to be sexy, sassy and deadly. Another great pose and a fantastic effort from Laura Benson on the wig, chainsaws and dress as Tekken’s Alisa .

And last but not least, and we say this with love, Kimberly Rust’s undead girl was terrifying, disgusting, and 100% zombie. Now, please give back Jerome’s intestine.

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