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Paul Jacques snaps the top tableaux from the MCM Comic Con

It was tough picking a winner from among the group entries, but eventually we had to plump for this gorgeous not-quite-monochrome couple from Paperman, portrayed by Helen Wilkinson and Chris Bridgett. As the winners, they get a canvas print of their victorious pairing. But there were some stunning runners-up, too, such as these Katy Glagus and Andy Lyne as two memorable avatars from the OZ virtual world in Summer Wars (below)

There was some serious body painting going on, or maybe Kasey and Natasha just used Bleach to portray Grimmjow and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (below).

And finally in the groups category, we also loved Marisa, Charlotte and Emma as Umineko’s Siesta Sisters.

That’s it for the cosplay groups. We’ll be back soon with the Best Male and Best Female shortlists.

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