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Last Friday, the Warner Brothers’ Death Note website began hosting a countdown timer; the timer reached zero as the final episode of the Death Note J-Drama began broadcasting in Japan. This series finale ended with a video announcement for a new Death Note movie that is to be released next year.  This new film, known only as “Death Note 2016” for now, is touted as a “forbidden sequel” to the previous live-action movies, and will be directed by Shinsuke Sato, known for directing the live action adaptation of Gantz.

Death Note 2016 will be set in the present day, in an advanced society rife with cyber-terrorism, and will feature characters that have inherited the DNA of Light and L from the original story. These successors to those brilliant minds fight over the six Death Notes on Earth. You read that right, this will be the first piece of media to incorporate the Six-Note Rule since the original manga. This rule states that up to six Death Notes can exist in the human world, with the number of Shinigami on Earth limited by this.

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Check out the announcement video:
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You can also buy the director’s previous work, Gantz 1 & 2, here.

Death Note 2016

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