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The heroes and villains in the latest super-charged volume

Dragon Ball Z

Babidi. Season eight of Dragon Ball Z brings out the bad guys, and leading the charge is the cruel Babidi. A diminutive but powerful warlock, he has no regard for the lives of others, even his own minions. His sadistic streak drives him to mock and torture those weaker than him, but like Dragon Ball Z Babidimost bullies he proves cowardly when faced with an opponent tougher than him. His main purpose on Earth is to gather enough energy to wake his father’s malevolent creation Majin Buu, and he aims to start by draining the contestants in the latest World Martial Arts Tournament. Although Babidi is able to cause his enemies’ bodies to explode with his powerful magic, more terrifying is his ability to overshadow others’ minds, using their bodies for his own ends – and the incredibly powerful Vegeta is in his sights!

Dragon Ball Z DaburaDabura. Formerly the independent ruler of the Demon Realm, Dabura fell under Babidi’s mental subjugation thousands of years ago. Now serving as the wrinkled monster’s right hand man, his immense power has earned him some level of autonomy. Taking a cue from his master, Dabura also employs sadistic tactics in battle to physically assault his rivals, often materialising weapons out of thin air to impale foes and leaving them to suffer. Perhaps more challenging for the Z-Fighters though is Dabura’s penchant for psychological torture, usually in the form of turning innocents and non-combatants into stone, then threatening to shatter his victims in front of their loved ones. However, despite his loyalty to Babidi, he will question orders on occasion – a mark of dissent that Goku and allies can take advantage of?

Dragon Ball Z Majin BuuMajin Buu. Considering his reputation for being the most powerful enemy the heroes of Dragon Ball Z will ever have to face, Majin Buu is almost… cute! A pudgy pink blob, Buu’s threat level is mainly down to his sheer innocence. Despite his near-incalculable power, Buu doesn’t understand the feelings of other living creatures. In moments of what he considers play, he’ll destroy his surroundings, or turn people who annoy him into snack foods to eat. Quick to anger when his games are interrupted, Buu’s dark side is readily apparent though, and his rage may prove unstoppable. Even though Babidi awakens this devastating force, can he hope to actually control him?

Dragon Ball Z GotenksGotenks. In the face of the new wave of monsters, there remains hope! Gotenks is the newest hero to join the Z-Fighters, even though he’s been around for a while. Well, sort of. Using a powerful fusion technique, Goten and Trunks are able to combine into one ultra-powerful warrior. Gotenks is far more than the sum of his parts though – more powerful than either of his constituents, he may prove to be the only force strong enough to stop Babidi and Buu’s rampages. Unfortunately, his personality seems to have adopted the worst traits of Goten and Trunks, making him bratty, obnoxious, and overconfident. It falls to poor Piccolo to try to reign in this problem child but if he can, the good guys might just stand a chance!

Dragon Ball Z box eight is out on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment on 15th July.

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