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The fifth instalment in our character guide for Dragon Ball Z

Cell. The deadliest enemy the Z Warriors have ever had to face – themselves! Cell is a hyper-advanced android from the future, created using the DNA of the present day heroes and possessing all their skills and abilities thanks to genetic memory. Goku’s Kamehameha? Cell can use it and counter it. Tien’s Solar Flare? Just one of Cell’s basic attacks. Piccolo’s regeneration? That serves to make Cell even more difficult to defeat. Already an incredibly powerful figure, Cell has travelled back in time to physically absorb more fighters and add their powers to his own repertoire. His goal? To achieve his Perfect Form and become the mightiest figure in the Universe – and he won’t let anything or anyone stand in his way.

Android 17. One of the two Androids who have destroyed the Earth in Trunks’ future timeline, number 17 relishes his power and obediently follows his creators commands upon being initialised. Swatting aside enemies with ease, 17 also seems to enjoy creating chaos, be it in one-on-one combat or such trivial matters as stealing a car for a joyride. Despite his bluster, he seems to bear some affection for his fellow Androids, particularly number 18 – meaning there may be hope for his humanity yet.


Android 18. Blonde, beautiful, brutal – Android 18 is an emotionless ice maiden who effortlessly crushes anyone unlucky enough to face her. She’s strong and fast enough to easily defeat Vegeta, even in his powered-up Super Saiyan form, meaning few others stand a chance against her. Under her chill exterior though, there remains a human girl who was changed into her current form, a girl that Krillin sees flashes of and tries to reach. Whether she’s even capable of feeling emotions anymore remains to be seen.

Dr Gero. A former Red Ribbon Army scientist, Gero has borne a grudge against Goku since the hero destroyed his old organisation as a child. Gero is also the mastermind behind the Androids’ assault on Earth, believing so much in his research that he sacrificed his own humanity to convert himself into one of his powerful puppets. As Android 20, Gero can discharge huge amounts of energy, as well as boasting immense physical strength and resilience. Although he’s a genius, he’s also completely insane, making him a potent foe.

Master Roshi. Master Roshi has been a fixture of the Dragon Ball universe since the early days, training Goku and Krillin since they were children and creator of their signature Kamehameha attack. Bald, with a lengthy beard and walking with a cane, he may look old and frail but is still one of the top fighters on Earth. Roshi will still compete in martial arts tournaments from time to time, though is known for occasionally registering under the pseudonym ‘Jackie Chun’. Roshi is also a massive pervert, with a prized collection of “gentlemen’s magazines” and an obsession with panty shots. Even a flash of cleavage is enough to send him into a spasm of excitement – luckily, the women of Team Z are all more than capable of putting him in his place.

Dragon Ball Z box five is out now on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.

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