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Dragon Ball GT sees Goku and his allies fighting against some of the toughest foes the universe has ever seen. Take a look at some of the faces you’ll meet as the second collection draws the entire Dragon Ball opus to a fierce close!

Baby. The Tuffles were a technologically advanced but peaceful species – until the Saiyans wiped them out. Baby is the last surviving member of their race, albeit radically altered by the machine-mutant Dr Myuu. His sole reason for existence is to avenge the Tuffles and exterminate the remaining Saiyans. A genetic monstrosity who functions as a parasite, Baby takes over various host bodies and adds their skills to his own.  Cunning and childish in equal measure, he’s as likely to tease and psychologically manipulate his foes as he is to possess them, but is easily drawn to anger. Drawing on the pain and rage of a global genocide, Baby’s tantrum will make the universe tremble.

Uub. Karma’s a funny thing – you’d think after terrorising the entire world, Kid Buu would get a raw deal on the reincarnation cycle. Instead, thanks to a little positive intervention from Goku, Buu was reborn as a human and trained to use his immense powers for good. Despite his martial arts prowess, Uub is incredibly timid, and so eager to please people that the slightest frown causes him to doubt himself. He’ll need to overcome his lack of confidence and channel every last drop of power at his disposal though, as Goku has nominated him as the next champion of Earth!

Super 17. Android 17 was one of the strongest enemies that the Z Fighters faced in Dragon Ball Z, and one of the monsters responsible for ransacking Earth in Future Trunks’ timeline. Now, imagine how bad a demonic version of him would be! When Hell Fighter 17 absorbs the real Android 17, the being that emerges is powerful enough to shrug off even Vegeta’s most powerful attacks – and his only objective is untold destruction.

Shadow Dragons. Over the years, the heroes of Earth have made a lot of wishes using the Dragon Balls, often to undo global carnage caused by one megalomaniacal villain or another. All that wished-away negative energy has to go somewhere though – and that was right back into the Dragon Balls themselves, causing them to darken and shatter. Now, seven Shadow Dragons are loose, each with dominion over an element and enough power to reduce the world to ashes. Stopping even one will be a challenge – and that’s before they combine their might to create Omega Shenron, the god of destruction!

Gogeta. When Goku and Vegeta combined using the Potara earrings in Dragon Ball Z, it resulted in the birth of Vegito. Gogeta is an alternate result – the product of the two adult Saiyans mastering the Fusion Dance. With all the skill of Goku and a shade of Vegeta’s cruelty, Gogeta seems to enjoy toying with his enemies before finally defeating them. With both his constituents’ powers augmented to an incredible degree and the ability to achieve the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, Gogeta is – for now – the ultimate warrior, and the Universe’s final hope against Omega Shenron!

Dragon Ball GT, part 2, is out now from Manga Entertainment.

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