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The ninth and final instalment in our character guide for Dragon Ball Z, filling you in on the heroes and villains to keep an eye on in the latest super-charged volume of the famous action epic!

Evil Buu/Super Buu. Talk about letting off steam – when the child-like but dangerous Majin Buu releases all his frustration and anger, it coalesces into the slender, grey Evil Buu, the manifestation of his malice and hate. Possessing the bulk of their power, Evil Buu quickly overpowers his ‘good’ self, turning him into chocolate and re-absorbing him. The results in him turning into the mighty Super Buu – a muscular and sadistic powerhouse with the cruel intellect of his evil form. Yet even this monstrous form pales before Buu’s final transformation….

Kid Buu. After battling through the assembled Z-Fighters and absorbing most of the Earth’s heroes, Buu seems unstoppable. After a final effort from Goku and Vegeta gives them a momentary glimpse of victory, Buu shatters their hopes by assuming his ultimate form – the uncontrollable, insane and relentless force of nature he was first created to be! Despite his youthful appearance, there is nothing childlike about Kid Buu, and his only joy comes from causing utter destruction on a planetary scale. There is no reasoning with this brute, no tricking him – and possibly no beating him. Has humanity met its extinction?

Bibidi. Who’s to blame for all the Buu-related mayhem? This ancient wizard. Millions of years ago, Bibidi created Buu to aid in his planned domination of the universe. Even then, after tricking the new lifeform into thinking he was its father, Bibidi found Buu was was hard to control, regardless of his own vast magical powers. After setting his malevolent creation loose to rampage across all existence and slaughter most of the old Supreme Kais, Bibidi finally met his match in the Eastern Supreme Kai – but not before he managed to seal Buu in a cocoon-like container and send him rocketing towards the Earth…. And yes, Bibidi, his son Babidi, and Buu are named after the song in Disney’s Cinderella!

Vegito. Possibly the final hope for our world and all life in the universe – but his very existence might mean the end of Goku and Vegeta! Like Gotenks, Vegito is the result of the fusion between two warriors, but with the frightful cost that the merge is permanent. With the best traits of both fighters, from Vegeta’s tactical mind to Goku’s raw skill, and a combined power level that exceeds anything previously seen in Dragon Ball history, Vegito may be the only force that can stand up to Buu though. Will two heroes have to ‘die’ to save all that lives?

Pan. Promising hope for the future, Pan is Gohan’s daughter and inheritor of Goku’s legacy. Making her appearance at the end of the series, her own powers and potential are yet to be explored. Adventure runs in the family though, and there are doubtlessly journeys ahead for the intrepid young girl!

Dragon Ball Z box 9 is out now on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.

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