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The seventh instalment in our character guide for Dragon Ball Z, filling you in on the heroes and villains to keep an eye on in the latest super-charged volume of the famous action epic!

Great Saiyaman. Soaring through the skies, righting wrongs and fighting crime – it’s the Great Saiyaman! Who is this masked hero though? None other than Goku’s first-born son, Gohan! In the years since his father’s sacrifice during the Cell Games, Gohan has done some growing up. Now in his teen years, he faces his greatest challenge yet: high school. With Earth in a rare period of peace, one mercifully lacking alien warlords or demonic martial artists set on conquest, the young warrior tries to build a normal life. Gohan’s good nature and incredible Saiyan powers mean he can’t ignore people in need though, so he crafts the Great Saiyaman identity to keep his secrets from his new friends.

Videl. Gohan’s attempts at secrecy don’t quite work out though – classmate Videl is immediately suspicious of his frequent absences and bruises matching the new superhero after his public battles. The daughter of Hercule Satan, Videl proves to actually be a competent fighter, unlike her father, and intelligent enough to quickly deduce Gohan’s identity. Although the relationship between the teenagers is initially frosty, they soon grow close. With Gohan’s help and some Saiyan-brand training, Videl’s own combat ability rapidly improves, granting her the abilities of chi-powered flight and incredible speed. Her name is an anagram of ‘devil’, playing on her father’s name.

Son Goten. Goten is Goku’s youngest son, born after the hero’s most recent death. The boy is the spitting image of his father at the same age, with identical hair and even a similar wardrobe – his gi lacks the ‘turtle’ kanji of Goku’s. His mother, Chi-Chi, is slightly less protective of him than she was of Gohan, possibly because Goten proves to be even stronger than his father or brother at the same age. His potential power level is so great that he achieves the Super Saiyan transformation at a mere seven years old! Mischievous but kind-hearted, Goten is also far more outgoing than Gohan was.

Young Trunks. Proof that children can often overlook their parents’ squabbles, Trunks is Vegeta and Bulma’s son and Goten’s best friend. Whereas the adult Trunks that first appeared in the Android Saga came from an apocalyptic future, the presently seven-year old Trunks was born into the ‘safe’ timeline where Dr. Gero’s mad plan was thwarted. As such, he gets to enjoy a normal childhood – at least, as normal as it gets for a human/Saiyan hybrid with fantastic strength. Although Vegeta is emotionally distant from his son to start with, Trunks’ prowess in battle soon wins him over. His friendship with Goten usually sees the pair caught up in trouble – but anything’s better than fighting off murderous androids!

Grand Kai. There’s one in every family – the older member that tries way too hard to stay ‘hip’ and ‘cool’. While you may be able to take your own relatives aside and give them a touch of fashion advice, it’s a bit harder to tell a guy who’s essentially a god to rein it in. Grand Kai oversees the four other Kais – including Goku’s mentor King Kai – who govern the quadrants of the Universe. Decked out in jeans, a ripped-sleeve denim jacket and a cool pair of shades, Grand Kai’s dress sense can be overlooked given his friendly demeanour. He eschews formality and treats the combatants of the Other World Tournament (what else do you expect Goku to be doing while he’s dead again?) as his own grandchildren.

Dragon Ball Z box set 7 is out on 13th May from Manga Entertainment.

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