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Matt Kamen meets Mr Satan… and friends

Here’s the sixth instalment in our character guide for Dragon Ball Z, filling you in on the heroes and villains to keep an eye on in the latest super-charged volume of the famous action epic!

Mr Satan: Mr Satan is the manliest man of all mankind, a mustachioed, hairy-chested hulk who won the World Martial Arts Tournament while the Z-Fighters were off-world battling Frieza. While he’s the toughest non-powered human alive, he’s still no match for the kinds of threats Goku, Krillin and co. face. His victories against normal people and the celebrity status that followed have given him quite the ego though, and repeatedly claims that the real heroes are merely his disciples! Despite the bravado and devilish name, Satan is a fundamentally righteous man who can’t abide cruelty or injustice.

Chi-Chi: Chi-Chi is Goku’s wife, having met the young warrior when they were both children. The daughter of the fearsome Ox King, she was a sweet but rambunctious girl, one of the few people pure enough of heart to ride Nimbus, Goku’s flying cloud. After marrying Goku and having their first child together, Gohan, she becomes much more formal, insisting her son focus on his studies rather than martial arts training. Despite her aversion to combat, she eternally supports her family as they battle to save the world!

Cell Junior: What’s worse than one Cell wreaking havoc? His seven offspring joining in. Like any invasive lifeform, Cell reproducing is a huge threat to the host ecosystem. When that ecosystem is Earth and each child is almost as powerful as Cell himself, it’s especially bad news. These blue brats can each take on a Super Saiyan-level opponent, and boasts all the skills that Cell absorbed. Time for an extermination squad before they can spread further!

Korin: This cute-looking kitty is actually revered as a god of martial arts – though his reputation precedes his appearance, with most who meet him not believing the mighty Korin could possibly be the tiny talking cat. A key figure in the original Dragon Ball, Korin remains an important ally throughout Dragon Ball Z, dispensing knowledge and advice accrued over his 800+ years of existence. He lives atop the colossal Korin Tower, where he farms the legendary Senzu Beans, a single one of which can rejuvenate a fallen warrior to full strength. Fun fact – Akira Toriyama based Korin on his own cat at the time. The mog was asleep when Toriyama drew him, hence the characteristic ever-closed eyes!

Yajirobe: Although he doesn’t play much of a role in the battle against Cell, Yajirobe is one of Goku’s oldest friends. Introduced as a samurai mountain man, hunting and living off the land, their first meeting quickly degenerated into a fight when Goku accidentally stole his lunch. They soon teamed up, and Yajirobe eventually handed over his Dragon Ball. One of the lower-ranking Z-Fighters in terms of power, Yajirobe was soon outclassed when enemies such as Vegeta started appearing. He can mostly be found living in Korin’s Tower, assisting the diminutive cat-sage and indulging his near-legendary appetite.

Dragon Ball Z, box set 6, is out now on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.

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