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Tom Smith on Fairy Tail Part 7’s opening theme

Imagine the scene: you’ve spent the past couple of years building fans, touring and spending a huge amount of spare cash, time and effort to get a career in music off the ground. There are two of you, so you have established an appropriate duo-type name. In fact, you’ve got four independently released EPs and a number of singles out, and then, just as you’re about to sign a major record deal, your musical other half decides to go solo, leaving you to fly the double barrel name on your own… if this happened to you, then there’s a chance you may just be Mika Konda, the (now) sole member of Daisy x Daisy.

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While Mika’s music career was experiencing a spot of turbulence, her sister’s was going from strength to strength. How strong? Well, the same year that Daisy x Daisy released their first two EPs, Mika’s older sister was raking in the cash with her seventh album entering the top of the charts, as well as walking home from the first Seiyu Awards with the trophy for Best Musical Performance. But then, it was always going to be a struggle when superstar Nana Mizuki is your sibling.

Little Mika still has a long way to go, but since signing to Pony Canyon she has managed to have a crack at the anime universe, featuring heavily in one series in particular; Fairy Tail. Her very first single from 2010, entitled ‘HOLY SHINE’, became the series’ fifth ending, giving Daisy x Daisy its first chart position by scraping into the top 100. The song introduced Mika’s high-pitched vocal style and upbeat melodies to a much wider audience, while the track’s music video placed the singer in a series of different outfits in the gothic lolita fashion style.

A few months later she returned to the series with her second single, ‘Evidence’, used as the opening to all of the episodes on the Fairy Tale 7 DVD (73-84). This time the main hook of the song was played on a piano, backed up with two guitars and a driving drumbeat

These two themes were enough to bring attention from overseas to the singer. Months after the release of ‘Evidence’, Daisy x Daisy had been invited to attend its first overseas convention, joining the Belgium off-shoot of Japan Expo.

Unfortunately, while Daisy x Daisy’s singles continued to improve in their chart position, her albums did not.  Her second album Dangerous x Dizzy x Daisy barely made the top 200, and she has yet to release a single ever since. Her Pony Canyon homepage has also vanished, throwing out 404 errors to all who try to access it. But her career is far from over. This year saw her return with an appearance at AnimeJapan 2014 in March (formerly the Tokyo International Anime Fair). Fifty pence says she’ll be back for Fairy Tail series two.

Fairy Tail Part 7, featuring Daisy x Daisy’s ‘Evidence’ as its opening, is out on from 28 April on UK DVD and Blu-ray from Manga Entertainment.

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