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Ghost in the Shell Art Competition – Winner

The deadline for our Ghost in the Shell variant poster competition has come and gone, the entries have been pored over and a winner chosen. We were overwhelmed by the number and quality of the entries we received – it’s clear that there are quite a few talented Ghost in the Shell fans out there!

Unfortunately we could only pick one, and after careful deliberation settled on a design by Neil Tung. Scroll down to see Neil’s winning poster – we loved its minimalism and modern feel, coupled with Kusanagi’s iconic silhouette.

Ghost in the Shell Poster - Neil Tung

In addition to Neil’s design, there were also a large number of outstanding entries that we adored and think deserve some recognition! Here are some of our honourable mentions:


Simon Barrington

Ghost in the Shell Poster - Simon Barrington


Chloe Jessop

Ghost in the Shell Poster - Chloe Jessop


Fran Shum

Ghost in the Shell Poster - Fran Shum


James Griffin

Ghost in the Shell Poster - James Griffin


Peter Fahy

Ghost in the Shell Poster - Peter Fahy


Steve McCarthy

Ghost in the Shell Poster - Steve McCarthy

Ghost in the Shell is showing in UK cinemas for one night only on January 25th – get your tickets here!

Ghost in the Shell [Official Full Length Trailer] UK

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