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Ichigo is a Resurrección Man, in the latest Bleach game

With fast-paced combat, an engaging story mode, and tons of unlockables, the PS3 game Soul Resurrección is an absolute must for Bleach fans, and a top-class action game for everyone else! It’s an experience that’s authentic to the series and genuinely fun to play.

The game pits you as heroic soul reaper Ichigo Kurosaki, playing through the events of the Arrancar and Hueco Mundo arcs of the popular story. For those unfamiliar with the series, this means a descent into hell itself, in pursuit of an intractable enemy who seeks to upset the very balance of life and death!

A mix of real-time action and role-playing, Soul Resurrección sees you progressing through 3D worlds, defeating swarms of monstrous Hollows. Intuitive controls and a basic but satisfying combo system see you unleashing iconic moves from the series, while a slowly-charging power gauge allows you to access even more powerful moves, best saved for boss encounters. Each enemy that falls to your blade earns you points, used to upgrade your skills and powers, and those of you familiar with Final Fantasy X’s ‘sphere grid’ level-up system will be immediately at home. As you progress through the chapters of the story mode, other fan-favourite characters are unlocked – spiritual archer Uryu Ishida, supernatural sorceress Rukia, and more – each with their own set of abilities to be explored.

While that alone is enough to keep you going for hours, extra modes extend the game further. Mission Mode – available after the first chapter of the story – has 28 challenges for you to complete. These can be attempted with any playable character you’ve unlocked, and dish out special rewards for completing them. Elsewhere, the Soul Attack multiplayer mode allows you to team with friends to defeat near-endless hordes of enemies.

Best of all for fans, Soul Resurrección drops you right into the heart of the  series, with visuals ripped straight from the anime – locations such as arch-villain Sousuke Aizen’s castle in Hueco Mundo or even the streets of modern Japan have are spot-on, and the numerous characters you’ll control or fight against are gorgeously recreated in cel-shaded form. You’ll even get a chance to explore those lush character models in a bonus Collection Mode, showing just how accurate to the show they are.

Bleach: Soul Resurrección is out on the PS3. The Bleach anime series is released on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.

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