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Golden Time – A Fantastical Story That’ll Tug At Your Heartstrings

The roller-coaster of emotion that is Golden Time comes to an end this month with the release of the second collection, and it has been a ride to remember.

Golden Time made us feel a variety of emotions ranging from heartbroken to overjoyed, and it reminded us of some of the happiest and most trying times of our own lives.

Golden Time

Golden Time follows the college lives of students Tada Banri, Koko Kaga and their friends as they go through the highs and lows of friendships, romantic relationships and new experiences. Setting the story at university allows author Yuyuko Takemiya, also known for penning Toradora!, to tell a mature story that adults can relate to and younger people can look forward to. Yuyuko has had two of her works adapted into anime, and she’s become a rom-com queen: Golden Time proves that not only can she create realistic, relatable and wonderful characters, but that she can also put them into situations that are believable.

Banri suffers from amnesia and hopes that he can begin life anew at college, which is something that I’m sure many of us dreamed of as we were finally able to spread our wings and pursue the life that we wanted – well, I’m sure not suffering from amnesia made things slightly easier for us!

Golden Time

Golden Time packs plenty of humour, and definitely puts the ‘com’ in rom-com, with the college setting making way for raunchier jokes, mixed in with the good-natured, uplifting laughs of a group of young adults enjoying each others company. The vibrant colours keep things upbeat and the show boasts spectacular character design along with an ever-changing wardrobe (yes, they actually own and wear a variety of outfits!), providing a dynamic aspect that isn’t present only in the narrative.

Not only did Golden Time achieve its goal of telling a fantastic story that tugged on our heartstrings, it also provided some spot-on music. The OST doesn’t stick to one genre, but instead juggles several at once, ranging from soft, mellow tunes with classical undertones to full-on rock tracks. Considering that this is a story about growing up and accepting who you are as a person, it makes sense that the OST would bring together a mix of different genres and styles.

Golden Time

Golden Time is a show that anybody can enjoy, one that you could show to your partner, your closest friends or even your parents. J.C.Staff were the perfect choice for bringing Takemiya’s tale to life, and we’re sure that we’ll experience Golden Time again and again – we hope that you do too.

What did you think of Golden Time? Have you introduced it to your friends? If so then we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Haven’t seen it yet? Pick up your copy today from Amazon or Base.

Golden Time Collection 1 Trailer

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