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Nabari No Ou Complete Series 1 Part 1 DVD


Nabari No Ou Complete Series 1 Part 1 - DVD




20th June 2011




322 mins





Nabari No Ou Complete Series 1 Part 1 - DVD

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In the shadows of this modern world, ninjas fight for control of an ancient technique which holds untold strength. This coveted power dwells within apathetic Miharu, a fact the guy really couldn’t care less about – until the clashing rival clans bring their battle to him.
Now Miharu struggles to understand the mystery buried in his soul, and must choose a side if he hopes to survive. But when conflict is waged in secret, and lethal ninjas hide in plain sight, friend and foe prove difficult to tell apart.

Please note that this is a DVD version.


Nabari No Ou Complete Series Collection


Nabari no Ou music: Veltpunch

Indie=WIN for the Nabari no Ou theme songsters Veltpunch
Veltpunch reversed their way into the world of anime. While other groups struggle to get festivals, conventions or tour dates until they have landed an opening or closing theme in the next big animated series, Veltpunch were already out there, upper-cutting their way into America some eight years prior to any involvement in anime.

Nabari no Ou music: Sickle Valley

The gentler side of Nabari no Ou's creator
There's more than just ninja in the life of Yuhki Kamatani, original creator of this week's DVD box release Nabari no Ou. Kamatani, whose name in Japanese means "Sickle Valley", keeps a sketchbook of beautiful, romantic images of everyday life and flights of fancy, some of which can be found on her website Crow Wings.


Manga UK and Animatsu Entertainment will be at London MCM Comic Con all weekend, so head to the booth and say hello!

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2015

Jasper Sharp on the movies coming to a cinema near you
It is that time of year again, when the Japan Foundation treats audiences across the UK to their lavish smorgasbord of the latest and best in Japanese cinema, running this year from 30th January to 26th March.
With MCM London Comic Con just round the corner, we thought we’d put together a guide to help convention goers. Here are five things you must know in advance.
This week we have the fantastic Beyond The Boundary and The Last Naruto Movie for you all!

Podcast: Speaking of Hugos and Gareths

More than one way to skin a catbus, in our 24th podcast
Jeremy Graves is joined by Jerome Mazandarani, Andrew Hewson and Jonathan Clements, for a series of rants and ill-informed commentary about anime, manga, the storm over the Hugo Awards, and your most awkward convention moment.
With both Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' airing on Sky Cinema this summer, we thought now would be the perfect time to list our favourite anime powers!

Robotics Notes

Andrew Osmond tries to build his own robot…
Robotics;Notes could be called You Can Build Your Own Giant Robot! It’s about geeks engaged in a preposterous project; building the mecha they’ve seen in anime for real. The show’s aimed at viewers who might think they really could. After all, they’d probably heard of otaku who have built oversized robots for real.

Anime on iTunes

Discover a whole new world of anime on your tablet or phone
There's a whole bunch of Manga Entertainment titles available for direct download on the iTunes site, including Shinji Aramaki's Appleseed, Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children, and K-on: The Movie.
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