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Main Cast Announced for Live Action Naruto Movie

With plethora of live-action anime adaptations that are already out or in the works such as Parasyte, Death Note and Ghost in the Shell, it’s no surprise that studios are clamouring to get their hands on the next big live-action hit. The most recent in this long line is Naruto: Future Ninja, slated for spring 2019, and news has broken that the production just landed itself some A-list stars.

Joining already-confirmed director Judd Apatow and screenwriter Diablo Cody will be Michael Cera (Juno, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), Jonah Hill (Superbad, Wolf of Wall Street) and Emma Stone (Birdman, Easy A). Their current roles are as yet unconfirmed, but rumour has it that the leading role of Naruto Uzumaki will be going to Cera, while Hill will play his best friend and rival Sasuke Uchiha. We expect Emma Stone to play pink-haired ninja, Sakura Haruno.

Emma Stone

Michael Cera

Jonah Jill

Looking to attract a more mainstream audience, Apatow has recently spoken out about his plans to adapt the hit anime by emphasising a western slant: “Naruto is such a great, rich story, but we want to put our own mark on it by telling it from a western point of view. In the source material, Naruto is a big fan of a Japanese noodle dish called ramen – we’ll be switching that with spaghetti, and also transposing the story into modern-day Brooklyn.”

We’re loving the idea of a pink-haired Emma Stone – what are your thoughts?


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