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Ghost in the Shell director honoured at Canadian film festival

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Congratulations to director Mamoru Oshii for his lifetime achievement award, handed out last week at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival. In his acceptance speech, he revealed that he’d only seen his seminal Ghost in the Shell twice since he made it in 1995 – once at the Montreal premiere of its new HD master, and once in a screening of an old print abroad. “I watched it in San Francisco. The film was so old that all you saw was the rain, and some of the scenes were missing so it was really hard to tell what kind of story it was. I’m praying that today, we’ll get to see everything.”

“Each movie has its own lifespan and I feel that once it doesn’t play on screen any more, it’s probably dead,” he observed in his acceptance speech. “Fortunately, my movies usually play at least once a year somewhere and it makes me happy to know that somewhere out there, it’s playing.”

When asked what he thought the main difference was between his movie adaptation and Masamune Shirow’s original, he bravely suggested: “the size of the boobs.”

Viewers around the world have the chance to experience the HD version themselves, including in the UK, where it is being released by Manga Entertainment on 29th September.

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