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Moustaches, moles and movies, in our 21st podcast

Jeremy Graves is joined by Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson for a run-down of what’s coming up and what’s going on, available to download now.

00:00 Hello from the Movember Mavericks – two men with moustaches and one girl with fake facial hair. The very different world of mixed-doubles ping-pong.

03:20 Memories of the London MCM Comicon. The announcement of Evangelion 3.33 coming to Blu-ray for 31st March 2014. The chances of getting Eva into the cinemas.

06:30 Jerome is very down on Captain Planet. News on the Lupin III live-action project. Hentai Kamen coming on home video in July.

09:00 Psycho-Pass, coming in 2014!

11:40 Tanya videos herself designing the sleeve and art cards for a Manga Entertainment release. Time-lapse excitement up on Youtube right now, starring the unsung heroine of Manga UK’s design. Jerome on major studio’s steelbooks: “I don’t just want the flipping tin!” What kind of stuff is coming up in future Manga UK special editions?

18:00 Jerome plugs Studio Canal’s Ghibli steelbooks. The hunt for the Manga Mole, who has been leaking unapproved packaging ideas.

20:00  Release date for Guilty Crown part two.

21:00  What releases by other distributors do you wish you had? Sales figures for some of the best-selling Manga releases…. Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist.

24:00 Upsetting things that Andrew Partridge has done to us.

25:30  Third Madoka Magica movie in the UK? The relative lack of interest in the first two films…

27:00  Has there been a change in impulse buying in recent years? Jerome gets into the Big Data.

29:50  What percentage of sales come in the first week of sales? Andrew reminisces about the good old days of analogue browsing. Jerome on the super-abundance of infinite choice. The increasing values of browsing and peer-to-peer recommendations.

34:20  Clearing the confusion over Dragon Ball Z.

41:40 Persona 4 and Code Geass… why are they so hard to find?

45:20  What is the flight velocity of an unladen swallow? And what is your favourite type of cake?

46:40  Turns out that time is up, so bye!

The Podcast is available to download now HERE, or find it and an archive of previous shows at our iTunes page. For a detailed contents listing of previous podcasts, check out our Podcasts page.

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