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In stores now with a Spice & Wolf cover

The latest issue of NEO magazine is in stores and available for download now, featuring articles on Spice & Wolf and Hetalia, and reviews of Roujin Z and Angel Beats. And this month’s Manga Snapshot zeroes in on Grand Jump Premium, the manga mag for salarymen that includes Fortean musings about the Antikythera mechanism, a graphic novel about being an Italian tailor, and the early life of Sun Tzu.

Plus! Electro-rockers LM.C interviewed (it’s not a typo, they’re just pretentious), truck driver turned action star Da Ching on Seediq Bale (out in July!), and questions asked about just how healthy Japan is, when sushi’s good for you but the country has three times as many McDonalds as the UK!.

All this and much more. Available now from all good newsagents, and quite a few bad ones.

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