One Piece: Crew Manifest Four

Before you set sail on the latest round of voyages for One Piece, brush up on who you’ll be encountering in this latest volume of nautical nonsense!

One Piece Crocodile

Crocodile. The most dangerous pirate the Straw Hats have faced in their journey to date, Crocodile is a brutal man who will kill without hesitation. After eating the Sand-Sand Fruit, he has the ability to manipulate sand, absorb moisture and even turn into sand himself. How does Luffy, a man made of rubber, fight a living desert? Crocodile is also leader of the Baroque Works organisation, giving him power and influence over its many agents. He lacks any sense of honour, and will gladly brutalise his own allies for the slightest mistake.

Daz Bones

Daz Bones. The highest ranked officer in Baroque Works short of Crocodile himself, Bones is better known under his codename ‘Mr. 1’. Incredibly stern and with no patience for frivolity, he exudes a confidence borne of crushing countless enemies. He considers himself almost unstoppable, and few have earned his respect, even amongst his so-called allies. A towering man who looks to be carved out of muscle, Bones cuts an intimidating figure even before he reveals his Devil Fruit power – turning any part of his body into a lethal steel blade. Wolverine, eat your heart out!

Double Finger

Miss Doublefinger. All Baroque Works ranking agents operate in male-female pairs, and Doublefinger works alongside Bones. A slender femme fatale with an icy demeanour, she shares her associate’s severe stance on anything perceived as weak or foolish. There’s little real camaraderie between the pair though, and she views their arrangement as a purely professional arrangement. Doublefinger – known in her civilian identity as Paula – is also the only Baroque agent brave enough to talk back to Crocodile. She has the ability to extrude spikes from any part of her body, making her nearly untouchable in combat.


Bentham. Also known as ‘Mr. 2 Bon Kurei’, this Baroque Works officer is the sole exception to the male-female partnership rule – as a drag queen, he insisted he qualified as a pair all on his own! Tall, with a flamboyant attitude and a penchant for swan themed couture, Bentham stands out in any crowd. Amusingly enough, he’s the chief infiltrator for the organisation, with the Clone-Clone Fruit giving him the ability to adopt another person’s appearance. Although only mediocre as a fighter, Bentham’s real threat is in being able to sow discord and confusion amongst his opponents.


Igaram. Baroque’s ‘Mr. 8’, Igaram is all about the music. Looking like Beethoven on steroids, he’s known for his particular love of the saxophone. However, he’s not one for smooth jazz – instead, his sax fires bullets when played! And if that doesn’t provide enough firepower, he has countless back up guns hidden in his curls, and dozens of other weapons tucked away in his ever-dapper outfits. Although he lacks any Devil Fruit powers, Igaram is an amazing combatant, skilled with any number of weapons and possessing impressive physical strength. His loyalties may not be what they appear though….

One Piece 5 is out now on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.


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