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Our Favourite Anime Perverts

The Comic Artist and His Assistants follows the adventures of a very perverted comic artist, Aito Yuuki. To celebrate the show’s UK release, we decided to take a look at our favourite perverts from the anime world.

The Comic Artist and His Assistants

These are just our favourites, make sure you tell yours in the comments!

Master Roshi – Dragon Ball

Master Roshi – Dragon Ball

If you’re talking perverted characters in anime then there’s no way you can forget the granddaddy of them all-Master Roshi, the turtle hermit of Dragon Ball fame.  Responsible for getting many fans into anime, Dragon Ball just wouldn’t be Dragon Ball without Master Roshi trying to sneak a peek at some young attractive women. He’s also no stranger to trying to cop a feel, usually resulting in a glowing red hand mark across his face and shrugging it off with a cheeky laugh.

Kon – Bleach

Kon – Bleach

Not only is Kon the mod soul of Ichigo, he’s the biggest pervert in the series. Responsible of looking after Ichigo’s body when he becomes a Soul Reaper, Kon usually has other agendas and these generally involve the ladies. His biggest joy in life is being kicked in the face by Rukia and being continually stepped on as if this was the best thing ever. This should give you a fair idea of how low Kon will go for some perverted satisfaction.

Jiraiya – Naruto

Jiraiya – Naruto

How could we not add Jiraiya to this list? The perverted hermit not only taught Naruto how to master the Rasengan, he also taught him the ways of a pervert. Jiraiya loves the ladies, going so far as to create a Technique which allows him to spy on naked women without being caught… for research purposes, of course.

Sanji – One Piece

Sanji – One Piece

Sanji is not only the chain-smoking chef of the Straw Hat Crew, he’s also the group’s biggest pervert. He becomes completely devoted to any beautiful woman and loses all common sense, something Nami doesn’t mind taking advantage of. Sanji can be a real gentleman around women, often going out of his way to help them, however, this doesn’t stop his enjoyment of seeing women wear skimpy clothing.

Issei Hyoudou – High School DxD

Issei Hyoudou – High School DxD

In recent years, one character in particular is a worthy addition to this list, that man is Issei Hyoudou, the harem king! Issei is, without a doubt a pervert, known around the academy for being a lewd and creepy guy. He also has a habit of fantasising about naked women. Now he finds himself surrounded by beautiful girls and it doesn’t look like his perverted nature is going anywhere.

If you haven’t been introduced to these crazy characters, make sure you check out these shows:
Dragon Ball
One Piece
High School DxD

The Comic Artist and His Assistants is out now on Blu-ray and DVD, pick up your copy here.

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