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Recorded live at the London Expo

Before a living, breathing audience at the London Expo, Jeremy Graves hosts Manga Entertainment’s Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson, Namco-Bandai game’s Hollie B, Kaze’s Andrew Partridge and Gaara voice actor Liam O’Brien.

01:46 And so it begins. Thoughts on the Expo. The health and safety hazards of glomping. Liam reveals that he has never been aggressively hugged.

06:00 Announcements carefully spaced to avoid exploding brains and blown wodges. Details of Blood C and Blood C the Last Dark. Hellsing Ultimate coming to Blu-ray.

09:30 Fullmetal Alchemist’s prospects on Blu-ray. One Piece… because the question hasn’t been asked before… much. The nastiest things that fans have ever said.

11:30 Negotiations afoot on certain American properties. How do you get a job with Manga Entertainment? In fact, how do you get a job anywhere?

20:00 Liam’s favourite Gaara quote, and the panel’s wishlists for the UK.

23:00 How Ninja Scroll looks in HD. Not really the best use of audio… Picture House cinemas and the likelihood of seeing ninja there.

29:50 How did the panel get into manga (and anime).

31:25 Naruto the anime and Naruto the video game, from a voice actor’s point of view. The value of “pooping and sex sounds”.

32:20 Favourite anime and misunderstood heroes.

34:47 The hardest part of bringing anime and games to the UK.

39:57 Any old films likely to turn up on Blu-ray?

43:31 Any classic British properties that deserve to be given the anime treatment?

45:37 Becoming a voice-actor.

47:51 Favourite Tales… character. And then signing off and doling out of rewards. Goodbye.

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