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Blu-ray Blues and Duplication Derpery, in the Manga UK podcast

The Manga UK podcast is back for its sixth episode, in which Jerome Mazandarani attempts to persuade Andrew Hewson to dress up as an evil dwarf, and Jeremy Graves professes his love for the obscure new series Princess Jellyfist. It’s hard to imagine that 90 minutes of product information and technical discussion also works its way into this, but it does.

00:00:00 the pre-show intro. Reasons why Jonathan Clements can be periodically heard shouting at the internet.

00:05:20 the actual intro, August releases, Manga UK news: Panty & Stocking update, The Fullmetal Alchemist BD movie double-pack is delayed until 17th December, but not the DVDs, which are out on schedule; the secrets of the Madoka Magica packaging. Introducing the Mysterious Craig.

00:13:20 Why oh why is Blue Exorcist sub-only? Manga UK and the perilous world of Blu-ray releases; why do websites give erroneous certificate data ahead of releases?

00:37:22-1:29:02 Ask Manga UK. Your questions answered, in some rambling fashion — includes an exclusive re-enactment of a day at the office. and details of why Cosplay Thursdays are unlikely to catch on at Manga Towers. And a cliffhanger. Yes, a cliffhanger.

Available to download now, or find it and an archive of previous shows at our iTunes page.

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