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Adventures In Japan: Part 1

Friday 8th April 2016

Those of you who follow our social media channels know that we've been in Tokyo over the last couple of weeks. We saw so many incredible things and thought we'd share our favourite photos from the trip here for you to enjoy!

IMG_2904IMG_2915IMG_2998IMG_2928IMG_2978Here's where the fun begins as we head off to Anime Japan 2016!IMG_3319IMG_3086IMG_3087IMG_3104 IMG_3112 IMG_3157We can't wait to watch One Piece Film Gold!

IMG_3159IMG_3162 IMG_3174 IMG_3182 IMG_3186 IMG_3188 IMG_3191 IMG_3194 IMG_3196 IMG_3197 IMG_3201Look out for part two where we'll be bringing you more  from Anime Japan 2016 and a bunch of awesome cosplay photos!


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Robotics Notes

Andrew Osmond tries to build his own robot…
Robotics;Notes could be called You Can Build Your Own Giant Robot! It’s about geeks engaged in a preposterous project; building the mecha they’ve seen in anime for real. The show’s aimed at viewers who might think they really could. After all, they’d probably heard of otaku who have built oversized robots for real.
Dragon Ball Z Resurrection "F" hits UK cinemas September 30! Book your cinema tickets now

Schoolgirls, Money and Rebellion in Japan

Sharon Kinsella's new book reviewed
It’s a truism widely acknowledged in the anime world that so many Japanese cartoons are obsessed with fantasy figures of 15-year-old schoolgirls because they are aimed at audience of desperate teenage boys. But Sharon Kinsella’s latest book, Schoolgirls, Money and Rebellion in Japan, points to a wider media malaise...

Fairy Tail Music: Idoling!!!

Tom Smith on the music to part nine
Even without the tie-in with anime, Idoling!!! had had a strong presence on television. After all, the group were created by a bunch of media moguls from Fuji TV. They figured out that by appealing to two of Japan’s more dedicated entertainment fangroups, idol fans and TV junkies, that they could be on to a winner.
Parasyte is a manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki, published between 1988-1995 in Japan. It has since received two recent adaptations in the form of two live action movies and an anime from studio Madhouse. Both are available to purchase now in the UK.
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