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Bleach Music: Diggy Mo'

Monday 15th December 2014

Tom Smith on the hip-hop star of Bleach 13

Diggy MO

Forget everything that you think you know about hip hop. Diggy MO’ and his boys at SOUL’d OUT throw the genre on its head. They list their influences to include everything from the names you’d expect, like Nas, Lauryn Hill and Mary J.Blige, to some you might not; such as The Who, The Doors and Japan’s own pop legends, Southern All Stars.

It’s that kind of diversity that has landed the trio with a string of hit singles and four albums in Japan’s top ten. They even had a track fittingly used as in the Japanese version of The Boondocks, a fantastic American animation inspired by anime and the mixing of cultures. What a better mix than a Japanese band producing tunes in the style of a predominantly western music genre? That was part of group’s appeal; it was hip hop, but distinctly Japanese in flavour.

In 2008, SOUL’d OUT frontman and lead MC Diggy MO’ announced that he would launch a solo career. Mr. MO’ had had a long history with music, growing up with the classics (proper classics; Mozart, Chopin and chums) and being in several bands through high school, the solo venture would allow him to explore even more of his diverse sources of musical influence.

The first track he unleashed was Bakusou Yuma Uta, tied in with the release of Soul Eater. The single featured as the anime’s third ending theme, and managed to peak into sixteenth position in the weekly singles chart. The single was a funky dance number, with all the cheese of the nineties (despite it being 2008…) combined with classical strings, a bouncy bass line and the word ‘brrrrah’ repeated throughout in the style of a non-threatening gangster.

Diggy dabbled with solo life for a while before briefly concluding it with the release of STAY BEAUTIFUL.  He would end the same way he started by also linking this track with anime. This time with Bleach, having the song featured as the series’ 23rd ending theme (episodes 266-278, including in Manga’s release of Bleach Complete Series 13).

This track featured a much heavier dance beat than his prior releases, and married it with a catchy, upbeat and easy-to-sing English chorus which actually fitted the mood of Bleach pretty well.

At this point, it would be my honour to throw down a link to STAY BEAUTIFUL’s music video so we can all have a listen. Unfortunately, the license holders in Japan have been a bit overzealous with copyright and removed any evidence of its existence from YouTube, along with every other digital service outside of Japan. You’ll just have to get yourself a copy of Bleach 13 to have a listen – or find the track through other means…

With it being the season of goodwill, one Diggy MO’ track has managed to slip through and make itself available here – legally! It’s called Christmas Dream, and it’s out now on iTunes – but you’re not allowed to see the music video. You are, however, allowed to see this monstrosity, which marked the return of his solo career in 2014 under an indie label:

Bleach Complete Series 13 is out now on UK DVD courtesy of Manga Entertainment.

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Bleach Complete Series 13 (episodes 266-291)

was £39.99
The Soul Reapers form an uneasy alliance with the Visoreds, and the battle against the Espadas resumes. Barragan, the former ruler of Hueco Mundo who was displaced by Aizen, appears to be defeated by the combined efforts of Hachigen and Soi Fon until they discover him forcing open Hachigen's Shiju Saimon barrier.
Later, Ichigo is troubled that he can't seem to use his Hollowfication to full effect. And with the ultimate battle with Aizen looming, he'll need every ounce of power!



Bleach music: Aqua Timez

Tom Smith on Aqua Timez, the band from the Bleach 6.2 soundtrack.
Many of the artists who perform the many themes of Bleach can attribute their entry to mainstream success to the famous anime series. And if not to Bleach, then to anime in general. That was until the five-strong pop squad Aqua Timez entered the scene.

YUI does Bleach for Rollingstar

Tom Smith reports on YUI, the all-caps rock chick.
It’s been suggested that Japan’s singer, song-writing guitar chick YUI is her country’s answer to Avril Lavigne. Amid an industry manufactured and micro-managed to levels that make England’s best pop efforts seem amateur in comparison, she stands out as beacon of musical delight. For teenage girls, she’s proof that you don’t need to buy into the squeaky clean, plastic smiles of sickeningly sweet J-pop to be a successful female musician; for guys she’s the girl next door, and for anime fans she’s composed and performed themes in some of the most prominent series of recent years, including Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Bleach music: SID

Tom Smith on the band behind Bleach’s 14th Opening Theme
"The song is based on the singer’s own experiences of forming a band and the hardships endured while keeping the faith for a brighter future, with lyrics just vague enough that they could easily represent the struggles of Ichigo and pals, too."

Bleach and Japanese cleaning products

Matt Kamen strangles a puppy… for science
It’s gratifying to see a generation of people so interested in hygiene – that must be why you’re lining up to buy a series called ‘Bleach’, right? If some orange haired janitor with a fancy mop (mop, magical talking death sword – whatever) excites you, hold on for these other heroes of the Japanese cupboard space!

Bleach music: Kenichi Asai

Tom Smith on ‘Mad Surfer’ Kenichi Asai
“Try ‘n boogie, guns n’ tattoo” – there’s no greater embodiment of Kenichi Asai’s work than that opening line. As the words are dragged across the bluesy, rock n’ roll riff of Mad Surfer – the Japanese rebel’s song used as the 20th closing of Bleach – it’s difficult not to imagine smoke filled bars, motorcycles or leather jacketed misfits sporting hairdos your mother wouldn’t approve of.

Bleach music: SunSet Swish

Tom Smith on the band behind Bleach’s 21st Ending Theme
SunSet Swish held their first-ever live performance on Valentine’s Day 2004, at a small venue in Osaka Prefecture’s Hirakata city. A fitting introduction to the music world for a band whose claim to fame is having quite possibly the soppiest theme in Bleach history: ‘Sakurabito’.


Attack on Titan Music: Linked Horizon

Paul Browne on the bombastic opener for the fan-favourite anime
Based on Hajime Isayama’s manga series, Attack On Titan has inspired TV adverts, a live action adaptation and, more recently, a crossover with Marvel comics that will see the titans battling the likes of Spider-Man and The Avengers on the streets of New York.
Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and whether you’re spending it alone or with that special someone, we’ve got a selection of titles perfect for the occasion.

Podcast: Scotch Tape

Necromancy, ten years of NEO, and the carrot of continuations on our 27th podcast
Jeremy Graves is joined by the fragrant Gemma Cox of NEO magazine, the pungent Andrew Partridge from Anime Ltd, and the newly doctored Jonathan Clements to discuss Scotland Loves Anime, the Boom Boom Satellite Distraction Device, and rogue robot tanks.
Manga Entertainment has the pleasure of announcing that following the success of the recent Akira screenings, they will be bringing the seminal anime classic Ghost in the Shell back to UK cinemas on over 80 screens!
With both Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' airing on Sky Cinema this summer, we thought now would be the perfect time to list our favourite anime powers!

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

There's little to be proud of in this perfunctory light-novel spin off
If anyone needed further proof that Attack on Titan is a cultural juggernaut, they'd only have to take a glance at the bookshelves. While Hajime Isayama's original manga most notably spawned the breakthrough anime series, there are also numerous spin-off and prequel manga, artbooks, and light novels by a host of other creators, all drafted in to craft as much material set in and around the world as possible.
In Kodansha’s March issue of Nakayoshi, it was revealed that CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a brand new project to celebrate the manga's 20th anniversary.
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