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Danganronpa Event

Thursday 5th November 2015

With the release of Danganronpa: The Animation just under a week away, we thought we'd share with you our trip to last year's Danganronpa event in Ikebukuro.


Hearing that there was going to be an event dedicated to one of my favourite video game and anime series, I knew it was something that I could not miss out on. I hopped on the train to Ikebukuro and headed to Namja Town.

Upon entering, I was met by a game center packed with UFO Catchers and Danganronpa themed Purikura machines.

Most of the prizes were easy to win and the section was surrounded by really energetic and friendly staff. The things you could win included: giant plushies, soft key-chains, cushions, phone charms and bags, basically anything a Danganronpa fan could want!



The purikura machines allowed you to strike a pose with your favourite character, you then had the option of purchasing a special photo frame to go with it.

Just along from the game center was a street filled with Danganronpa themed dishes, while the meal wasn't anything special, the ice cream and cakes were extremely tasty.




After eating, it was straight to the Monomono Garapon, a lottery where you could win some rare and awesome prizes.


Finally, there was a special store, with lots of goods on sale, here is a photo of everything I won/bought that day.


Here's hoping they host another event soon!

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About the author:

Fray lives in Japan and is a Marketing Assistant at Manga UK and Animatsu Entertainment. He is also the editor of the Manga UK blog. For more of his adventures in Japan, follow him on Twitter @FMBurst.


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