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Poll - Would You Like To See Death Note Released On Blu-Ray?

Wednesday 25th November 2015

The Death Note complete series DVD collection was released just over six years ago in the UK. Now, Viz Media have an upscaled Blu-ray release scheduled for next year over in America. Despite being animated in standard definition, there are reasons for releasing the title on the Blu-ray format.

Death Note

For starters, Blu-ray has much better audio quality and is able to preserve the integrity of the original recordings for your enjoyment. Another of the biggest benefits of Blu-ray lies in the video codecs; Blu-ray's MPEG-4 AVC codec is more efficiently compressed than the one used for DVD-Video. So, while the video may only be an upscale of a standard definition source, more detail is retained compared to the DVD-Video release.

It isn’t just technical improvements that justify Blu-ray releases of standard definition, or upscaled content. Blu-ray discs feature a scratch resistant coating to ensure a longer lifespan than DVDs; anyone that has been buying DVDs for the past decade knows how easy they are to scratch. The storage available per disc is around 5 times that of a DVD, meaning the same amount of content can be provided on fewer discs; Death Note was released as a 9 DVD set, while Viz’s Blu-ray release will utilise only 5 discs.

So, this week's question is:
Would you like to see Death Note receive a UK Blu-ray release?

Vote below, and let us know what you think via our social channels.

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Death Note Complete Series Box Set

was £59.99
Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects, who's bored out of his mind. One day he finds the Death Note: a notebook from the realm of the Death Gods, with the power to kill people in any way he desires. With the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create his perfect world, without crime or criminals. However, when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorites send the legendary detective L to track down the killer, and a battle of wits, deception and logic ensues...
For the first time ever, all 37 episodes (with original Japanese and English audio and English subtitles UNCUT) of the epic Death Note series are collected in one 9 disc box set .



Bandai Museum, Tokyo

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In the dark days between the closure of the first Bandai-Gundam Museum in 2006 and the proliferation of Gundam cafes across Japan’s capital over the past few years, a small glimmer of mecha-shaped light remained for anime fans near Japan’s capital: the Bandai Museum in Mibu, Tochigi Precture. This new “Omocha-no-machi” Bandai Museum opened in 2007, following the demise of the original museum in Chiba, offering a huge collection of toys from the Edo-period to the present day.

Who's Who in Dragon Ball #4

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High School DxD

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If this show dropped all the extreme fan-service it would still be an exciting action-horror adventure, not far removed from an extended arc of Supernatural or the like. As it is, you get that and a show that would have broken the jiggle counter if anime DVDs still had them. After decades of evolution, even harem comedies can produce a show with some substance.

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2014 at the Japanese box office

Jasper Sharp runs the numbers on newly-released statistics
The incendiary claims put forward last October by Takeshi Kitano that “the Japanese film industry is going to ruins” seemed to hit a raw nerve with many in the industry and were widely reported in the international press.
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