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Requiem for the Phantom, the ultimate assassin

Thursday 6th October 2011

Requiem for the Phantom is in our sights…

Requiem for the Phantom

A Japanese tourist witnesses a contract killing in America and flees for his life. But when he is caught, his ruthless pursuers realise that he has demonstrated an uncanny knack for evading professionals. Instead of ending his life, they offer him a job…

The Phantom is the ultimate assassin, an unstoppable killer working for the shadowy Inferno organisation. But the Phantom is now a team – a sexy lady assassin codenamed “Ein”, and her literal number two, former Japanese schoolboy “Zwei”. Requiem for the PhantomTheir targets include arms dealers, drug kingpins and other assassins in a lengthy power-play that collapses into an internal conflict as the Inferno turns on itself. Ein and Zwei must deal with the resurgence of their lost identities, their tense feelings of affection for one another, and the prospect of fighting on opposite sides in a gangland massacre.

Loaded with symbolism, flashbacks and flashforwards, Requiem for the Phantom tells the story of the Ein/Zwei pairing with all the chaotic terror of a firefight, offering glimpses of Zwei’s unwitting recruitment alongside the stories of his attempted escape and his first mission for the Inferno organisation. Writer Yosuke Kuroda paces his scenes with a mixture of brooding longeurs and sudden eruptions of violence and action, deftly encapsulating the long waits and sudden gunplay of an assassin’s missions.

Requiem for the PhantomThe story began life as a game at the turn of the century, before enjoying a brief resurrection in 2004 as the anime video series Phantom of Inferno. Relatively obscure – and largely available as a bundle with the game – this early incarnation was directed by Keitaro Motonaga and produced by the KSS studio. However, the TV series, now out in the UK, was produced by Bee Train and directed by Koichi Mashimo in 2009, adding another notch to the barrel of the director’s penchant for girls with guns.

Requiem for the Phantom is an explosive anime vision of American pulp fiction – like the notorious Mad Bull 34 and the much-loved Gunsmith Cats, it presents an uncompromising view of a violent, crime-ridden America that is little removed from the Wild West. Like Gunslinger Girl, it seeps an ongoing passion for Italian mobsters. If it has any immediate inspiration, it probably lies with Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, hype for which would have been breaking in Japan at the time the series went into production.

Lauded by Anime News Network for its “solid plot and a well-hidden romantic heart”, Requiem for the Phantom is a slickly made addition to the ever popular girls-with-guns subgenre. A sure-fire hit with any hitman…

Requiem for the Phantom 1 is available on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.


The Transformers - The Movie Limited Edition, 30th Anniversary Steelbook (2-blu-ray Set + Digital Copy)

was £29.99
The TRANSFORMERS – THE MOVIE 30th Anniversary Edition featuring the newly remastered movie from a new 4K transfer of original film elements.

The AUTOBOTS, led by the heroic OPTIMUS PRIME, prepare to make a daring attempt to retake their planet from the evil forces of MEGATRON and the DECEPTICONS. Unknown to both sides, a menacing force is heading their way – UNICRON. The only hope of stopping UNICRON lies within the Matrix of Leadership and the AUTOBOT who can rise up and use its power to light their darkest hour. Will the AUTOBOTS be able to save their native planet from destruction or will the DECEPTICONS reign supreme?

Bonus Content:
• ‘Til All Are One – A brand-new, comprehensive documentary looking back at TRANSFORMERS: The Movie with members of the cast and crew, including story consultant Flint Dille, cast members Gregg Berger, Neil Ross, Dan Gilvezan, singer/songwriter Stan Bush, composer Vince Dicola and others!
•Audio Commentary with Director Nelson Shin, story consultant Flint Dille and star Susan Blu
• Featurettes
• Animated Storyboards
• Trailers and TV Spots

For the ultimate fans and collectors, The TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE Limited Edition, 30th Anniversary Steelbook comes with highly collectible Steelbook packaging, 2 Blu-ray set of the newly remastered movie (Both aspect ratios), immersive bonus content including brand-new featurettes, plus many more. This is a must-own collection to every fan's library!        



Dragon Radar GT 1

It’s going to be a tough journey – but who’s along for the ride?
Dragon Ball GT presents an all new adventure for Goku and his allies, sending them on an interplanetary quest to find the mysterious Black Star Dragon Balls and save the Earth! It’s going to be a tough journey – but who’s along for the ride?

Bleach Music: Miwa

Tom Smith rings the ch-ch-changes…
Bleach series 13 continues the clash between Soul Society’s Shinigami and Sousuke Aizen’s Arrancar army. It also brings with it a new talent in Japanese pop-rock: miwa. This fresh-faced female, armed with a guitar and an arsenal of upbeat pop-rock songs, provides the series’ twelfth opening theme, ‘chAngE’.

Psycho-Pass music: Ling Tosite Sigure

Tom Smith finds another band with an unspellable name
Meet Ling tosite sigure. Their name may be confusing to pronounce (for anyone interested, it’s more like ‘rin tosh-teh shi-goo-reh’), but that didn’t holdback Japan’s music-loving community from rushing to their local CD-shops and grabbing a copy of the band’s latest album i’mperfect, out now also in the UK thanks to JPU Records.
Christmas is coming soon and our friends at Urban Species have the perfect gifts for any anime fan!
We are happy to announce that our upcoming release of the smash-hit anime series, Akame ga Kill! Part 1 will be receiving a deluxe collector's edition!

The Impact of Ghost in the Shell

Andrew Osmond remembers the early reactions to Oshii’s classic
“What makes this such a cut above the rest is a set of senses-assaulting production values that equals anything Hollywood produces… Just make sure you see it on a big screen.” - Empire.

The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto

Jasper Sharp is in a Tokyo state of mind
The hyperrealism of the “cartoon” Akira and the cartoonishness of the live-action Tetsuo struck Western viewers unaccustomed to such mould-breaking cinema with equal force, and it is no real surprise to note that Manga Entertainment was responsible for the subsequent releases of both Tsukamoto’s big-budget colour rerun of his debut, Tetsuo II: Bodyhammer (1992) and his later Tokyo Fist.


Jack Neighbour prepares you for life in Japan
Hopefully you found the first three offerings in last weeks part one informative and you’d had ample time to calm your nerves and research a new country to emigrate to. So without further hesitation, let's complete the list.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

The first rule of Kenichi is: big eyes and kick ass.
In the real world, mastering a martial art takes years of devotion. All require a harsh physical regimen that pushes the body to the limit. Of course, we’re dealing with the world of anime, so we have a sneaking suspicion that Kenichi Shirahama might be able to go from shy, quiet bookworm to martial arts prodigy in a matter of weeks. All it takes to send him on the path to becoming Chuck Norris’ worst nightmare is falling for the new girl in class after he sees her single-handedly demolishing a group of thugs.
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