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Five Tips To Survive Comic Con

Monday 23rd May 2016

With MCM London Comic Con just round the corner, we thought we’d put together a guide to help convention goers. Here are five things you must know in advance:


If you’re planning on attending any convention, make sure you do your research on ticket availability and prices. Generally if you’re buying tickets in advance they are bound to be cheaper. Some of the bigger conventions will only sell tickets online and arriving on the day might see you turned away. So to avoid disappointment make sure you purchase your tickets early!


The Venue

Given the sheer size of the average venue and the amount of attendees, traversing the comic con war zone can take time and patience. But don't panic, conventions will have a guide, which usually includes a map of the venue and what's taking place. Make sure to use this to plan where you want to go beforehand and keep it with you during the event. Remember, it will usually take longer than you think to get from one place to another.


Food and Drink

Conventions can be expensive, you have the entrance fee, spending money, and of course transportation and accommodation costs. One thing many people forget about is food and drink, it can not only be expensive at the venue, but also waste valuable time as queues can be long. Plan ahead, bring some snacks and a bottle of water.



Unless you happen to live close to the venue, transportation and accommodation is going to be extremely important. MCM London Comic Con for example will generally require train and underground services, and we all know how unreliable they can be during the weekend. While train and tube stations will have information on the different lines to take, it’s best to research this in advance and plan your journey ahead of time. If you’re planning on staying for the weekend, then hotels near the venue may fill up quickly so booking early is key to avoid disappointment. If you don’t mind a little traveling every day, then you can  save some cash by finding a hotel further away.


Meeting Friends

Much like all of the points above this really comes down to planning in advance. Don’t think you’ll easily be able to meet up with friends during the convention. Setting a meeting point throughout the day is great, as is arranging times. Phones are handy in day to day life but can become rather useless at conventions, not all venues have the best signal and the free Wi-Fi will be extremely slow with everyone trying to connect.


Never underestimate the value of planning ahead and be sure to have a great time at whatever convention you attend. If you're heading to MCM London Comic Con, make sure you come and say hello to us.

Do you have any convention tips? Share them via Twitter and Facebook.


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Cosplay Winners

Paul Jacques' pictures from the best of London's Comicon...
It's taken a while to shift through the paperwork and read all your indecipherable handwriting, but we've finally managed to sift through the London Comicon cosplay pictures and pick out our winners from a fantastic bunch. And with no further ado...

Anime Tattoos Declared Illegal

Japanese licensors demand pound of flesh
Citing “unsavoury gangster links” and “unlicensed IP [intellectual property] exploitation,” a group comprising every major anime studio (except Gainax) has warned fans that body-art is no longer permissible.
Fray pays a visit to a Japanese canned food restaurant.

Cosplay: Fairy Tail

Paul Jacques snaps another fan with a fiery passion
Daniel Hughes suits up with a fiery vengeance as Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, season three of which is out imminently on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.

Anime's answer to James Bond

Helen McCarthy is holding out for a hero
I got quite excited when I found the clip online. "James Bond, aka Bondo (agent 007), the suave superspy who…" Alas, my delight was premature. It was a fan animation starring a green-eyed, spiky-haired pretty boy who looked as likely to bed the villain as shoot him - a quantum of solace, undoubtedly, but no help on my mission: find anime's answer to Bond.

The Curse of Minky Momo

Can a cartoon series really cause earthquakes?
The strange case of Minky Momo, is so curious that it’s inspired a Japanese urban myth and may have helped plant seeds for Madoka Magica.

Godzilla: Too Soon?

When is it okay for a real-life disaster to become entertainment?
How soon is too soon? The question’s raised by the new Godzilla trailer, the first half of which seems to be all about recreating traumatic events as fantasy, just three years after they occurred. Specifically, the trailer opens with a disaster at a Japanese power station, before segueing into images of a giant wave sweeping into a town with devastating force. Both images seem less ripped than Xeroxed from the headlines of March 2011, when northern Honshu (Japan’s mainland) was struck by an earthquake which caused a tsunami, killing thousands, and the meltdown at Fukushima.

2014 at the Japanese box office

Jasper Sharp runs the numbers on newly-released statistics
The incendiary claims put forward last October by Takeshi Kitano that “the Japanese film industry is going to ruins” seemed to hit a raw nerve with many in the industry and were widely reported in the international press.
There is simply no denying that Land, Sea or Air, anything remotely related to Disney is mandatorily intrinsic of good times.
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