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Ghost in the Shell Competition

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Are you an anime fan that dabbles in design, fawns over fanart and, most importantly, geeks out over Ghost in the Shell?

This January, we're bringing the anime classic Ghost in the Shell to UK cinemas for one night only, and want you to get involved!

Design your own variant Ghost in the Shell poster artwork and submit it to us for a chance to have your artwork printed and displayed in cinemas up and down the country, as well as on the big screen before the film!

The winner will also receive a pair of tickets to the Ghost in the Shell screening of their choice on the 25th January!

Make sure to submit your designs, compliant with the below instructions, to originalgits@substanceglobal.com before midnight on the 17th January.



Overall Size: 348.9 mm (w) x 514 mm (h)

3mm will be cropped on all sides when printed.

Print Size: 342.9 mm (w) x 508mm (h) (Half of Actual size 685.8mm x 1016mm)

All images must be at 300dpi

• Please keep all important text and images within a safe area of 12 mm approx from sides, unless it is the desired effect for text to run off the page. Please bleed the background colours/images up to the Overall Size.

Allow space for the Title Treatment, credit block and other info at the bottom of the poster. (Or Poster can be designed to move Title Treatment to different position)

• Please do not include the Title Treatment, credit block etc. on your final design. These are on a layer that needs to be hidden when preparing your design to be sent. Please send your design without this layer visible.

Acceptable Formats:

Adobe InDesign (with collected image folder & Fonts folder, or create outlines of any fonts)

Adobe Photoshop, Tif, Jpeg (high resolution)

Adobe Illustrator (Please embed all images also create outlines of any fonts)


Download Title Treatment templates here.



Entrants must adhere to the design guidelines to ensure their entry meets requirements for the prize.

This competition is open to UK residents aged 15 and over.

The deadline for all entries is midnight, Tuesday 17th January 2017.

Entries must be sent to the email address provided to be considered.

Winners will be picked by the Manga Entertainment UK team.

Judges decision is final and there is no alternative or runner-up prize available.

Winners will have their designs displayed on holding screens and in cinema foyers in cinemas across the UK showing Ghost in the Shell on 25th January which are participating in the competition with Manga Entertainment UK

Winners will also be provided with two tickets to see Ghost in the Shell at their nearest cinema chain where the film is being shown on 25th January 2017. There is no guarantee that this cinema will be one of the branches that is participating in the exhibition of the winning poster design. No other date is permitted for these winning tickets and no other prize will be offered under any circumstances.

Your design will be owned by you and only used by Manga Entertainment UK in the promotion of Ghost in the Shell and all activities relating to this competition and film campaign.

Your entry to the competition means you allow Manga Entertainment UK to use your image in their marketing materials for Ghost in the Shell and all activities relating to this competition and film campaign.

Travel and accommodation is NOT included.

There is no cash or other alternative to the prizes and the tickets are not transferable.

No recording allowed. By attending the screening you agree to not bring audio or video recording equipment into the cinema. Use of such devices will result in immediate removal from the cinema and confiscation of equipment.  You may also be liable for criminal and civil liability.


Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie

was £19.99
Set in a futuristic Japan after the end of a brutal world war, science has advanced by leaps and bounds giving humanity the choice to prolong life and reduce suffering with the use of sophisticated cybernetics. With all of humanity linked into one system of minds and personalities known as ghosts, the biggest threat to civilization is the cyber terrorists capable of hijacking people’s bodies and memories.
When a ghost-infecting virus known as Fire-Starter begins spreading through the system resulting in the assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister, Major Motoko Kusanagi and her elite team of special operatives are called in to track down its source. As they delve deeper and deeper into their investigation, they uncover traces of government corruption and a shadowy broker that bears an all-too-familiar face.
When your target can be anywhere and look like anyone, the only choice you have is to trust your ghost, and hope you aren’t infected too.



The end of Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society?

Andrew Osmond asks if it really is the end for Ghost in the Shell
Solid State Society is, as of writing, the last anime instalment of Ghost in the Shell. Will there be any more? Interviewed in 2007, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, co-founder of Production IG, suggested the franchise could be refreshed by a switch to live-action, with Kusanagi, Batou, Togusa and the rest of Section 9 interpreted by real actors. If it was a success, the franchise could return to anime later.

Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

Jasper Sharp on Oshii's Innocence abroad
Mamoru Oshii’s unashamedly esoteric sequel to his earlier global crossover Ghost in the Shell lent the most credibility to claims for anime as ‘Art’ with a capital ‘A’, when it became the first animated film from Japan to be entered in competition at Cannes.

Mondo Does Ghost in the Shell

Strange things afoot at SDCC booth #835
On sale now at the San Diego Comic Con in a limited edition of only 325 prints, Kilian Eng's beautiful Ghost in the Shell poster for Mondo. It's a thing of beauty made specially to commemorate the 25th anniversary.

Ghost in the Shell: Live-action?

Will it be Robbie the robot...?
Hollywood blog Deadline reports that DreamWorks is in "early talks" with actress Margot Robbie to play the leading role in a live-action version of Ghost in the Shell.

The Impact of Ghost in the Shell

Andrew Osmond remembers the early reactions to Oshii’s classic
“What makes this such a cut above the rest is a set of senses-assaulting production values that equals anything Hollywood produces… Just make sure you see it on a big screen.” - Empire.

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

The latest incarnation of Masamune Shirow's classic
A new addition to the Ghost in the Shell franchise is here, but it’s maybe not the one everyone was expecting.



Babymetal, anime apartheid and MazandaRanting in our 25th podcast.
Jeremy “Care in the Community” Graves is joined by Manga UK’s Jerome “Twitter Hijacker” Mazandarani and Product Manager Andrew “Mr Manga” Hewson, and special guest Stuart Ashen, star of Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild, out now. Not sure any of those names will stick.

When Marnie Was There

Andrew Osmond on what’s next for Studio Ghibli
In December, Studio Ghibli announced its next feature film to the world, looking ahead to summer 2014 and When Marnie was There, based on a British children’s book by Joan Robinson.

Soccer heroes in anime

Helen McCarthy on anime's football crazies
Sports have been around in anime from very early in its history, but the first identifiable sports anime, Yasuji Murata's Animal Olympics in 1928, didn't feature soccer. In fact, the beautiful game was a latecomer to the anime sports world. Compared with baseball, soccer had few fans.

Podcast: The Evangelion Two-Step

Box sets and brutal violence, in our 23rd podcast
Jeremy Graves is joined by Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson for our 23rd podcast., featuring cover woes, delayed shows, and several uses of the word Slash. Your questions answered, dodged or otherwise belittled, while Jerome confesses to his Facebook addiction, and Jeremy is reprimanded for flagging his own segues.

Rocksmith's Japanese Stars

Tom Smith on the downloadable J-rock gods in Ubisoft’s game
As part of the DLC catalogue for Ubisoft's guitar ‘game’ are six of quite possibly the biggest names in rock from Japan, each covering a very different base.
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