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Hoops and Hurdles

Monday 5th August 2013

Expletives deleted on our 19th podcast

Manga UK PodcastJeremy Graves, Andrew Hewson and Jerome Mazandarani (with Jonathan Clements of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis joining from the interwebs) are on hand to discuss new releases, upcoming releases, behind-the-scenes gossip, and a whole bunch of topics from jobs in the anime business to Google glasses, available to download now.

00:00 Jeremy's usual hello, and an announcement of Sword Art Online, coming in December.

03:00 Thoughts on the Manchester Comic Con.

04:20 Jonathan's hottest events -- probably Finland.

06:00 How does someone get into the translation business? Is there any way to talk them out of it? What advantage do students from Edinburgh have? Spotting references in Japanese films and whether or not you should dedicate your entire efforts to nothing but anime translation. Another hymn to the glories of Bethan Jones. The politics of running a blog for promotional purposes.

15:00 The trouble that anime fans have finding work in the anime business

20:00 Delay to Deadman Wonderland. The Panasonic play issue with Un-go.

21:00 Last Exile, Fam the Silver Wing, pushed back to December.

22:00 Blue Exorcist definitive edition.

23:00 Streetfighter II the Anime -- WTF is going on with the English dub?

Mrs Doubtfire

25:50 The history of fifteening, and the unexpected role of Mrs Doubtfire.

28:00 Jerome's journey to a sweary alternate universe. Quite a few bleeps in this section.

30:30 Jerome's stomach grumbling grab-bag competition.

33:00 How to insult someone in Japanese.

35:00 Available now: Naruto Shippuden Complete Series 3 on DVD; Shiki - Complete Series 1 on DVD; Kenichi - The Mightiest Disciple Collection 1 on DVD; Blood C - Complete Series on DVD and Blu-ray; Last Exile Complete Series 1 on DVD; Bakuman Series 1 on DVD; Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 5 on Blu-ray; Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Collection 1 (Eps 1-35) on Blu-ray; Naruto Shippuden Box Set 13 (eps 154-166) on DVD; Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt as a Blu-ray+DVD combo pack; One Piece Collection 2 on DVD; Cat Planet Cuties on DVD; Aria The Scarlet Ammo on DVD; Tiger & Bunny Part 3 (DVD+BD combo); Steins;Gate Part 1 on DVD and BD; Dragonball Z Season 8 on DVD; Persona 4 Box 3 (DVD+BD combo); Fairy Tail Collection 1 (eps 1-25); K-On Season 2 Part 2 on DVD; Hellsing Ultimate Parts 1-4 Collection on DVD and BD; Horizon On The Middle Of Nowhere Season 1 on DVD and BD. And by the time everyone is hearing this, 5th August is the release day of Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple Collection 2 on DVD and Clannad Complete Series Boxset on DVD.

37:00 12th August: Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: The Will Of Fire on DVD & BD; Naruto Shippuden Movie Triple Pack on DVD and BD; Hellsing: The Complete Original Series on DVD. Plus details of the Naruto tweetalong event on 15th August at 7pm.

45:00 Ask Manga UK. What are the chances of rereleasing 1990s classics? For example: Fist of the North Star.

50:00 The origins of New Fist of the North Star.

52:00 Will Black Rock Shooter lead to more subs-only releases?

53:00 Do you acquire TV rights?

56:00 Shifts in meaning of the term "TV show".

58:00 The effects of production committees.

60:00 Kotobukiya at San Diego.

64:00 Chances for getting Darker Than Black sequels on Blu-ray?

66:00 19th August: Space Battleship Yamato, the live-action film coming on Blu-ray.

68:00 What does the kanji mean in the Manga logo?

71:00 Somehow, we get onto time-travelling steampunk foxes.

72:00 Chances of releasing A Certain Scientific Railgun?

73:00 More in-house authoring coming up?

77:00 Chances of releasing Yamato 2199 if the movie is successful?

79:00 Favourite sweets or chocolate? And we're out.

The Podcast is available to download now HERE, or find it and an archive of previous shows at our iTunes page. For a detailed contents listing of previous podcasts, check out our Podcasts page.


Space Battleship Yamato

was £19.99
The legendary STAR BLAZERS is now a live-action movie!
In the year 2194, alien marauders, the Gamilons, bombard the Earth with planetary bombs sent from space. Humanity fights back but is defeated and escapes underground.
Five years later, those who remain on the devastated planet gather together for one last plan to save the Earth. Armed with mysterious alien technology and an old battleship called the Yamato, they embark on a quest to find a device that has the power to save humanity from destruction.
Bonus features include:
Behind the scenes
Visual effects
Original trailers


Space Battleship Yamato

Matt Kamen on the big-budget remake of an anime classic
The original Space Battleship Yamato is rightly considered a classic of Japanese science fiction – the 1974 anime is comparable to Star Trek in terms of the influence it has had on its home country. Generations of viewers have grown up on tales of Captain Okita, Susumu Kodai, Yuki Mori and the rest of the valiant crew of the Yamato, following their desperate quest to reach the remote planet Iscandar in hope of finding a way to save Earth from the Gamilas aliens. Thanks to the American edited version Star Blazers, the story has fans around the world too – all of which places a huge weight of cultural responsibility on anyone brave enough to risk adapting it to a new medium.


Anime Tattoos Declared Illegal

Japanese licensors demand pound of flesh
Citing “unsavoury gangster links” and “unlicensed IP [intellectual property] exploitation,” a group comprising every major anime studio (except Gainax) has warned fans that body-art is no longer permissible.

Chinese Zodiac

Jonathan Clements on Jackie Chan and the Garden of Gardens
Jackie Chan’s films have often smuggled in the odd political nudge and wink behind the tomfoolery, but Chinese Zodiac puts it all front and centre. Rather nobly, it shies away from issues of race or one-sided nationalism, making greed itself the great unifier – ensuring that Europeans and Chinese can be found on both sides of the battle.

Madoka Magica Cosplay: Tomoe & Akemi

Paul Jacques conjures up the best anime costumes
Clarice Downs and Blair Armitage work their magic by cosplaying as Akemi and Tomoe from the hit magical-girl series Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Andrew Osmond has been here before…
Some sci-fi plots are staples of anime. The boy who pilots a fighting robot; humans who evolve into cyborgs; cute space girls who fall for the biggest doofus in Japan. Compared to these, time-travel has never been a big anime genre, though it’s been used on many occasions.
Jordan and Fray pick their favourite new shows from the autumn anime season, what are yours?

Naruto Cosplay: Gaara

Paul Jacques snaps another anime costumer
Thomas Napier strikes a mean pose as Gaara from Naruto, a dangerous ninja from Sunagakure.

Attack on Titan: How Will It End?

The second part, and what comes after...
This is the burning question for Attack on Titan fans, and it’s certainly not answered in the second volume of the anime series. Rather, Volume 2 shows a world which is still in the process of expanding, bringing on a great many vivid new characters – and arguably the most vivid of all isn’t even a human, but a sexy woman Titan who stomps all over the series.

Cosplay Winners

Paul Jacques' pictures from the best of London's Comicon...
It's taken a while to shift through the paperwork and read all your indecipherable handwriting, but we've finally managed to sift through the London Comicon cosplay pictures and pick out our winners from a fantastic bunch. And with no further ado...
Another MCM London Comic Con has come to an end and we would like to say a huge thank you to all the fans that visited the Manga UK booth over the weekend!
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