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Jump Festa 2015 News - Itachi Anime and Boruto Manga Announced

Monday 21st December 2015

Some fantastic Naruto announcements came out of this year's Jump Festa!

Saturday saw some amazing news for fans of Naruto, and the Boruto movie in particular. There were several announcements made that are sure to have you eagerly anticipating Spring 2016 and the future of the franchise.

The first of these announcements was announced following the end of a countdown launched last month on Shonen Jump’s “Next Generation” website for Naruto. A Boruto manga series will run once a month in Weekly Shonen Jump starting in spring 2016, which is great news for those who left the Boruto movie wanting more. Masashi Kishimoto will be supervising the series, with it being drawn by his former assistant, Mikio Ikemoto. The script is to be written by Ukyou Kodachi, whose previous experience with the franchise includes writing the Naruto – Gaara Hiden sequel novel and co-operating on the Boruto – Naruto the Movie screenplay with Masashi Kishimoto.

That was not the only Boruto manga announcement made, as Masashi Kishimoto took to the stage at the Jump Festa even in Tokyo to reveal that he will be drawing a Boruto one-shot manga for Weekly Shonen Jump in spring 2016 as well. We don’t yet know what, if any, link these two Boruto manga will have between them.

Another announcement at Jump Festa was that the Itachi Shinden novels are to receive an anime starting, also, in spring 2016. Visual art for the show, featuring the text “In Spring 2016, the Truth arc starts” was released. Viz Media have yet to license the Naruto Shinden series, though have licensed the first three novels in the Naruto Hiden series.

The final announcement of the day, from Viz Media, was that both of the aforementioned Boruto manga are to be simultaneously published in the English Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine. Spring is going to be an exciting time for Naruto fans worldwide!

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