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On-Air at Comicon

Monday 18th March 2013

Brum to the Hills! It's the Birmingham podcast!


The podcast is back in record time with a bonus episode.
Jeremy Graves, Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson recorded live at the Birmingham Comicon.

00:00 Introductions; Deadman Wonderland confirmed for 1st July on DVD and Blu-ray, and Steins;Gate. Plus an interlude while Jerome talks to his wife, and the slippage noted on Oblivion Island. Appleseed XIII announced for DVD and Blu-ray. An inadvisable plea for audience participation, which is sure to be regretted later on.

08:00 Jerome speculates as to what the plot would be to Schoolgirl Milky Crisis, if he were writing it -- it involves girls with udders, and appeals to a "man with a mullet and and axe."

10:00 The skinny on Hellsing Ultimate, including details of all the extras -- a whole blooming disc of 'em. And speaking of Hell, Jerome describes British transport, and narrates the tale of the sandwich he dropped, plus twenty minutes marooned in Northampton with no sight of Alan Moore.

14:00 One Piece coming to the UK on 27th May.

16:00 Surprise Announcement! Fairy Tail season two coming to the UK. Plus the slightly less surprising news about K-on, and the hope that there will be K-on Oyster Card holders on sale in May at the London Comicon. Jormungandr, also coming soon.

19:00 Jerome attempts the Harlem Shake while Jeremy quizzes the audience about their social media habits. Following on from the last podcast, we ask them if they would be prepared to pay Japanese prices for Japanese choice, and take the first Questions From The Audience.

30:00 Jerome on the reasons why dubs can sometimes take time to sort out. What games would the panel like to see an anime based on? The logistics of compressing media onto DVDs. The difference in quality between opening and closing credits and the anime itself in terms of quality. Licensing music rights from the record label. Is there a difference between ramen and Pot Noodles...?

The Podcast is available to download now HERE, or find it and an archive of previous shows at our iTunes page. For a detailed contents listing of previous podcasts, check out our Podcasts page.


Death Note Complete Series And Ova Collectors Edition

was £59.99
On Blu-ray for the first time! Collected across 6 discs containing all 37 episodes of the hit anime series plus the bonus Death Note: Relight OVAs.

Light Yagami is a genius high school student who is about to learn about life through a book of death. When a bored shinigami, God of Death, named Ryuk drops a black notepad called a Death Note, Light receives power over life and death with the stroke of a pen. Determined to use this dark gift for the best, Light sets out to rid the world of evil... namely the people he believes to be evil.
Should anyone hold such power?
The consequences of Light’s actions will set the world ablaze.

Contains episodes 1-37 plus Death Note Relight OVAs on a bonus Blu-ray disc
Also features exclusive collectors edition rigid box packaging
Languages: English, Japanese and English Subtitles



Code Geass vs Death Note

If you liked that, you might like this
At heart, Death Note and Code Geass tell the same story. A teenage Tokyo schoolboy with a towering intellect, railing against the world, is given fantastic powers by a supernatural agency. He finds he can manipulate people like puppets and kill with ease. His power is bound by rules and restrictions, yet still seems godlike.


Ghost in the Shell: Innocence

Jasper Sharp on Oshii's Innocence abroad
Mamoru Oshii’s unashamedly esoteric sequel to his earlier global crossover Ghost in the Shell lent the most credibility to claims for anime as ‘Art’ with a capital ‘A’, when it became the first animated film from Japan to be entered in competition at Cannes.
In Kodansha’s March issue of Nakayoshi, it was revealed that CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a brand new project to celebrate the manga's 20th anniversary.
Knights of Sidonia is a must watch sci-fi series, find out why.
This week we have the long-awaited Evangelion 3.33 and the extremely popular sports anime Haikyu!! for you! What are you picking up this week?

Claymore versus Corpse Princess... versus Ichi

If you liked that... you might like this...
Claymore creates a whole race of silver-eyed babes in armour, while Corpse Princess serves up a present-day warrior schoolgirl who appears to be going commando under her skirt.

Magi the Labyrinth of Magic

In search of the animated Arabian Nights
The literary history of the Arabian Nights that underlies Magi is fascinating. The one point that any Magi fan should know to sound erudite is that three of the show’s main characters, Aladdin, Alibaba and Sinbad, are named after famous Arabian Nights heroes. However, none of these heroes were actually in the original collection.

Unspinning Fairy Tail

Hugh David argues that the treasure is in the detail
The biggest influence on this anime is not tabletop RPGs or even the long-standing fantasy fiction genre itself. No, the stamp of numerous Japanese role-playing videogames is all over Fairy Tail, from the Atelier series to the Final Fantasy franchise, in particular Final Fantasy XII


Tom Smith on the band behind Be As One
Unlike a number of the bands featured on the Manga UK blog, W-inds haven’t had much of a history with anime tie-ins despite their massive success. In fact, in 14 years they’ve only ever done two anime themes; their first in Akira Amano’s Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and more recently with Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail, where their 29th single Be as One became its sixth ending.

Big Hero 6

Andrew Osmond leaves his heart in San Fransokyo
You know Tokyo; you know Neo-Tokyo. Now welcome to San Fransokyo, the mashup metropolis imagined by Disney’s CG cartoon Big Hero 6, released in British cinemas today. It’s a city where the Golden Gate Bridge sports Shinto gates, where ramen bars and lucky cats are as common as Victorian residences and hill-climbing trams. All this is the stage for a team-superhero adventure, which is itself window-dressing for the tale of a grieving boy and a gentle, huggable, cushion-soft robot.
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