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Perfume: A Gallery Experience - in London 6-7 August

Tuesday 12th July 2016

The hugely popular electro-pop trio Perfume will be celebrating their latest European vinyl album “Cosmic Explorer” and Blu-ray release of feature-length documentary “WE ARE Perfume -WORLD TOUR 3rd DOCUMENT” with an official gallery exhibition in London, 6-7 August.

The gallery itself will feature Perfume’s unique design offering fan and newcomers alike a rare opportunity to see, in person, outfits worn by a-chan, KASHIYUKA and NOCCHi as seen both on stage and in their various music videos. Items such as the light-up LED dresses seen in their hit single “Spring of Life” engineered by Rhizomatiks are just one example of Perfume’s embrace of cutting-edge technology within their bold fashion.

Fans of Perfume can expect a special video message from the members of the group as well as a whole host of interesting items including promo posters chronicling their career, specially designed high-heel shoes for intricate stage performances and items created just for the exhibition.

Until 18 July, fans are invited to vote on Perfume’s official Facebook page for their favourite outfit. The winning clothes will be displayed at the London exhibition.

If you’re a fan of Perfume or a fan of J-Pop in general then don’t miss out on this very rare of occasions, we’re sure it’s going to be an experience to remember!

Perfume: A Gallery Experience
Supported by Rhizomatiks

Saturday 6 August, 2016 10:00-20:00
Sunday 7 August, 2016 10:00-19:00
Old Truman Brewery Shop 7
7 Dray Walk, London E1 6NJ

Entry £5 in advance (includes exclusive free collectors’ postcard) or on the door

Advance tickets available now: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/perfume-a-gallery-experience-supported-by-rhizomatiks-tickets-26515147520

For further information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/163660454047570/


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