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Podcast #10

Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Chat and that, ahead of the Expo

Manga UK PodcastIn a special Tourettes Edition of the Manga UK podcast, Jeremy Graves and Andrew Hewson are joined by Hollie B of Namco Bandai in a preview of the MCM Expo.

00:00 – 07:00 This week’s releases, next week’s releases, and delays to Clannad and Fractale. New street date for FMA OVA collection. The theatrical run of Ninja Scroll coming in November and a special 16th November screening where you see the film and receive the Blu-ray, as well as a specially commissioned poster. Jerome in Tokyo, and Scotland Loves Anime.

08:00 – 20:00 Hollie B on what to expect at the London Expo on the games front: Dragon Ball Z and a demo of the new Naruto game, Ni no Kuni (Wrath of the White Witch) and Tank Tank Tank. And a custom-built 3D Star Trek cinema previewing the new game. What shall be occurring at #639, the DBZ booth including seasons one, two and three for only £25 each. Plus a trail for the first live Manga UK podcast. Namco and Manga's guests at the Expo.

20:00 – END Manga UK Booths #637 and #1137 offering pre-release deals, yes, up to a month before certain titles hit the shops. Details of how "the boys are whoring themselves out delightfully" the Berserk photo-op, and Hollie's plans for Wrath of the White Witch, and someone's chance to win a trip to Paris. Memories of Woolworth's. Let's do lunch!

Available to download now, or find it and an archive of previous shows at our iTunes page. For a detailed contents listing of previous podcasts, check out our Podcasts page.


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Interview: Yui Tanimura on Dark Souls II

Matt Kamen speaks with the director of the toughest game you’ll play this year.
For Dark Souls II, new directors Yui Tanimura and Tomohiro Shibuya promise the upcoming sequel will be every bit as challenging as its precursors.
Last Wednesday we shared the news that Blue Exorcist will be receiving a second season, and now the website's countdown has ended we've been treated to a short teaser for the upcoming series.

Anime on iTunes

Discover a whole new world of anime on your tablet or phone
There's a whole bunch of Manga Entertainment titles available for direct download on the iTunes site, including Shinji Aramaki's Appleseed, Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children, and K-on: The Movie.
Following its phenomenal success in UK cinemas last Autumn, Manga Entertainment are thrilled to announce the re-release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' in 3D for a limited time in 56 sites across the UK.

Naruto's World of "Jutsu"

Rayna Denison sneaks into the background of ninja anime
What is it about Japanese martial arts that these shows celebrate? In the case of Naruto, and now the second series, Naruto Shippuden, it is the “mysterious” art of ninjutsu that comes in for exploration and explosion.

Naruto Music: Asian Kung Fu Generation

Tom Smith on the Britmaniacs behind the Naruto theme.
They’re so loud and proud that they insist on writing it all in caps: ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION – possibly one of Japan’s most important alternative rock acts. The group’s tenth single ‘After Dark’ makes for the energetic, guitar-heavy opening theme to the latest volume of Bleach, released in the UK this month, and the group’s sound might at first seem reminiscent of America’s indie scene dashed with elements of punk, it actually has a lot more in common with The Who, their generation, and the sea of British-based guitar heroes that have appeared since.

Mamoru Oshii: Lifetime Achievement Unlocked

Ghost in the Shell director honoured at Canadian film festival
Congratulations to director Mamoru Oshii for his lifetime achievement award, handed out last week at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival.
Manga Entertainment Ltd and Animatsu Entertainment Ltd are proud to announce LeSean Thomas as their special guest of honour at this October's MCM London Comic Con.
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