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Bleach music: Tsuji

Monday 2nd September 2013

Tom Smith on Bleach’s Tsuji Shion

Tsuji ShionDropping out of school in order to follow a dream may sound like a risky nightmare waiting to happen, but for Yokohama-based schoolgirl Tsuji Shion, it was a decision that thankfully paid off – but not without a lot of old-fashioned elbow grease and luck.

As a youngster Tsuji was obsessed with music, particularly poetry, where she had wrote no less than 100 different verses. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed either. In 2002, barely aged twelve, she had already signed her first contract, allowing Tokyo talent agency The Moon Child to have her on their books.

Not content with ‘just’ being another name in Japan’s sprawling talent industry, young Tsuji decided that her words needed melody behind them, and she had worked in the industry long enough to know that she didn’t want some music exec behind a desk deciding how her songs should sound, so at the age of 15 she decided to take up guitar seriously and make her own songs.

With an acoustic guitar in hand, optimistic Tsuji played at live houses across Japan – just vocals and a six-string. So intense were her independent tour schedules that there wasn’t time to fit in school as well. One had to go, and it was an easy decision which. So it was bye-bye homework, teachers and after-school clubs; hello live house, after live house, after live house.

By 2008 her efforts had cumulated in the release of her debut single ‘Candy Kicks’, receiving play on 46 different TV and radio shows, making her the most exposed female solo artist in Japan of the last ten years.

That difficult second single came next, entitled ‘Sky chord ~Otona ni Naru Kimi e~’, and it would come to be Tsuji Shion’s biggest hit to date when it was used as the 18th ending theme for Bleach, between episodes 202-214, and the whole of series 11. With a calm, peaceful melody and Tsuji’s sweet, soft vocals on top, the song could not have been more of a contrast to the fast paced sword-swinging soul action of the anime. Yet, perhaps that is part of the charm that made it a fan favourite.

Her next brush with anime would be with Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 with her single ‘M/elody’ making the upbeat and cheerful ending theme. It was a lot more produced than the rest of her material, but there was still elements of her love for acoustic guitar left in places. This was followed up with ‘Ai ga Hoshii yo’ (‘I Need Love!’) as the final opening to Soul Eater, also out now on DVD. Like ‘M/elody’, it continued a band sound over her original voice and guitar style. Whether a coincidence or not, it was also her final physical single. From 2012 onwards Tsuji’s singles have been digital only. She’s making a comeback in September with her first one man show this year. Keep an eye and an ear out for her.

Bleach: Complete Series 11 is out now on UK DVD by Manga UK, featuring Tsuji Shion’s ending theme ‘Sky chord ~Otona ni Naru Kimi e~’.

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Bleach Compete Series 11

was £24.99
The Fight Continues Between The Soul Society and The Army of the Arrancar.
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One Piece. Pieces of Hate

Been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt....
Of the anime titles turned into T-shirts by Uniqlo, One Piece is the biggest – the reigning king of all the anime and manga franchises, pretty much unchallenged in the 16 years since Eiichiro Oda began the manga, and 14 since Toei Animation started animating it. But perhaps Uniqlo would have turned One Piece into a line of shirts even if the saga hadn’t been a world hit. Just look at those pirate designs – brash, cartoony, uncompromising. There’s no whiff of a committee, no hint of a five-year product plan reliant on changing a heroine’s hair colour (or deepening her cleavage). It just helps that the pictures are as commercial when they move as they are when they’re a cool static graphic in a manga, or on the front of a T-shirt.

One Piece: Strong World

The Straw Hats Pirates come together for an adventure like no other...
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One Piece - ninja or pirates?

Matt Kamen turns video pirate!
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One piece: Crew Manifest #1

Matt Kamen finds out who’s who in the One Piece anime
Monkey D. Luffy: The founder and captain of the Straw Hats, Luffy is a carefree soul who wants to become king of the pirates. After eating the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, he gained an elastic body, making him near-invulnerable and able to stretch but paradoxically making him unable to swim.

One Piece: Crew Manifest #2

Back at sea for volume two of One Piece
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One Piece music: TOMATO CUBE

Tom Smith on One Piece’s TOMATO CUBE
One-hit wonders. Every country has them. And, as PSY can most likely attest, very few musicians really want to be labelled as one. Sure, it’s all fun, games and fancy dinners when that royalty cheque floats through the letter box. The one with all the zeroes from that single from yesteryear that went massive. But what about the rest of your work? It must be somewhat unsatisfying as an artist to be known for one track, while everything else remains relatively overlooked, and expectations are high for that difficult follow up single. If you’re TOMATO CUBE, you do nothing. Ever again.


Bleach music: SID

Tom Smith on the band behind Bleach’s 14th Opening Theme
"The song is based on the singer’s own experiences of forming a band and the hardships endured while keeping the faith for a brighter future, with lyrics just vague enough that they could easily represent the struggles of Ichigo and pals, too."

Nura Rise of the Yokai Music: Monkey Majik

Tom Smith on a Canadian-Japanese pop outfit
Monkey Majik first shot to fame in Japan in 2006 when their second major-label single Around The World became the opening theme to TV drama Saiyuuki, an updated version of the famous Chinese tale Journey to the West. A fitting introduction for the band, considering the story is widely known as Monkey in English. Magic.

Gekiga at the Cartoon Museum

Jonathan Clements visits an exhibition of manga’s pioneers
Running upstairs at London’s Cartoon Museum until 29th November, Gekiga: Alternative Manga From Japan charts the evolution of truly adult comics, both in terms of content and style, in the post-war period.

Harlock Music: Tetsuya Takahashi

Tom Smith on the man behind the music
Shinji Aramaki’s digital reimaging of Japan’s classic sci-fi adventure Space Pirate Captain Harlock is serious business. Not only is it ranked amongst Toei Animation’s most expensive productions to date, weighing in with a mighty £20+ million budget, its staff is also a who’s-who of the Japanese animation industry.

Comicon Announcements

News on releases and extras from this weekend's panel
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Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

There's little to be proud of in this perfunctory light-novel spin off
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