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Cosplay: Vampire Knight

Sunday 7th August 2011

Paul Jacques on the cosplayers of Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight Cosplay

Never as twee as Twilight or as bloody as Blade, Vampire Knight has stood the middle ground between romance and horror. This popular series now draws to a close and we finally see how the love triangle of Yuki, Kaname and Zero finally resolves. And so it is with a little sadness, dapper suits and Blood Rose close to hand, we say adieu to the last disc in this Manga Entertainment supernatural series.

Vampire Knight CosplayVampire Knight has been a steady influence on people’s choice of cosplay throughout its duration. The Manga Entertainment photo booth at MCM Expo has seen numerous Vampire Knight costumers ever since the series first aired on TV Tokyo in 2008 -- long before Manga Entertainment even picked up the UK rights! The very first was an entire group, with seven characters all cramming themselves into the same photo: Sarah Kwok, Simone Kwok, Yuki Chung, Yuyi Chung, Mai Nong, Hin Gian, and Winkei Chan. Since then, we’ve had a steady number pass in front of the camera, with Vampire Knight characters proving particularly popular with the ladies: check out Ruby Howell and her umbrella, or the flame-haired Starla Star (right). Vampire Knight CosplayMaybe it’s the combination of vampire lovers and a promise of something more than just a peck on cheek (a nibble on the neck?) that continues to attract, but cosplayers do seem  to enjoy portraying this series with a genuine hunger for what it represents.

The final episodes of Vampire Knight: Guilty are out now on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.


Vampire Knight Guilty Vol 4 (episodes 11-13)

was £12.99
Yuki's earliest memory is of a stormy night in winter, wherein she was attacked by a vampire... And then rescued by another. Now 10 years later, Yuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, has grown up and become a guardian of the vampire race, protecting her savior, Kaname, from discovery as he leads a group of vampires at the elite boarding school.



Code Geass vs Death Note

If you liked that, you might like this
At heart, Death Note and Code Geass tell the same story. A teenage Tokyo schoolboy with a towering intellect, railing against the world, is given fantastic powers by a supernatural agency. He finds he can manipulate people like puppets and kill with ease. His power is bound by rules and restrictions, yet still seems godlike.


Mechademia 8: Tezuka's Manga Life

Jasper Sharp reviews a book-length collection on the “God of Manga”
Tezuka’s Manga Life is a scholarly and much-needed attempt to sort out the wheat from the chaff of the Tezuka myth, with its 22 contributors spread over 300+ pages attempting to put the vast output of the prodigious manga artist into context.

Mondo Does Ghost in the Shell

Strange things afoot at SDCC booth #835
On sale now at the San Diego Comic Con in a limited edition of only 325 prints, Kilian Eng's beautiful Ghost in the Shell poster for Mondo. It's a thing of beauty made specially to commemorate the 25th anniversary.
Yesterday, the announcement video for the Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (Magi: Adventure of Sinbad) anime began streaming. The anime series will be based on the manga of the same name, which is set 30 years prior to the main series, and depicts the early years of the fan-favourite, Sinbad.
Toei Animation has announced production on Dragon Ball Super, the first all-new Dragon Ball series to be released in 18 years. Following the recent events of the hit feature film Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection, Dragon Ball Super will debut in July 2015 in Japan.

Bleach Music: Miwa

Tom Smith rings the ch-ch-changes…
Bleach series 13 continues the clash between Soul Society’s Shinigami and Sousuke Aizen’s Arrancar army. It also brings with it a new talent in Japanese pop-rock: miwa. This fresh-faced female, armed with a guitar and an arsenal of upbeat pop-rock songs, provides the series’ twelfth opening theme, ‘chAngE’.
That's right, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' will be airing on Sky Cinema this summer!

Harlock Music: Tetsuya Takahashi

Tom Smith on the man behind the music
Shinji Aramaki’s digital reimaging of Japan’s classic sci-fi adventure Space Pirate Captain Harlock is serious business. Not only is it ranked amongst Toei Animation’s most expensive productions to date, weighing in with a mighty £20+ million budget, its staff is also a who’s-who of the Japanese animation industry.
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