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Wednesday 7th December 2011

There's still time to book your place at the SFX Weekender

Craig CharlesRed Dwarf's Craig Charles will be back on the decks at Prestatyn's SFX Weekender in February 2012 -- an extravaganza of sci-fi and fantasy celebrities, events and wonders under the aegis of the UK's premiere sci-fi magazine. Gaze at the Victorian Steampunk Society's odd contraptions. Gasp at the war-of-words smackdown between authors such as China Mieville, Robert Rankin and Paul Cornell. Kneel before the stars of Doctor Who. Our tip for the top: get there on Thursday for the early bird party... and probably stay till Monday to spare your hangover. Suit up, cosplayers, and fly the anime flag!


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Cosplay: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Paul Jacques rounds up the best dressed fans
Amy Sun is in the pink as Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
With Halloween right on our doorstep, we’ve decided to put together a list of our top five anime to watch on Halloween. There are so many shows to choose from and this is only our opinion, so make sure you let us know which shows would make your top five!

Bleach Music: Diggy Mo'

Tom Smith on the hip-hop star of Bleach 13
Forget everything that you think you know about hip hop. Diggy MO’ and his boys at SOUL’d OUT throw the genre on its head.

Robotics Notes

Andrew Osmond tries to build his own robot…
Robotics;Notes could be called You Can Build Your Own Giant Robot! It’s about geeks engaged in a preposterous project; building the mecha they’ve seen in anime for real. The show’s aimed at viewers who might think they really could. After all, they’d probably heard of otaku who have built oversized robots for real.

Anime's answer to James Bond

Helen McCarthy is holding out for a hero
I got quite excited when I found the clip online. "James Bond, aka Bondo (agent 007), the suave superspy who…" Alas, my delight was premature. It was a fan animation starring a green-eyed, spiky-haired pretty boy who looked as likely to bed the villain as shoot him - a quantum of solace, undoubtedly, but no help on my mission: find anime's answer to Bond.

Who's Who in Dragon Ball #3

Wonder no more, as we reveal the origins of Akira Toriyama’s creations!
The faces may look familiar, but everything else is different in this classic series!
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