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Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time, in 3D and 2D Cinema Dates 2011

Tuesday 26th April 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time

We’ve got the cinema dates and formats for the new Yu-gi-oh film Bonds Beyond Time, in 3D at selected venues – the first Japanese animated film to get the treatment in Britain.

Saturday 14 May: Stratford Picture House East London 3D; Regal Henley 3D; Stratford upon Avon Picture House 3D; Exeter Picture House 3D; Picture House at FACT Liverpool 3D; Duke of York's Brighton 3D, Abbeygate Picture House Bury St Edmunds 3D, Clapham Picture House 3D; Ritzy Brixton 3D, Greenwich Picture House 3D, Arts Picture House Cambridge 3D; Gate Notting Hill 3D; Phoenix Oxford 2D, Little Theatre Bath 2D; Cinema City Norwich 2D; City Screen York 2D; The Belmont Aberdeen 2D

Saturday 21 May: Electric Notting Hill 3D; Tyneside Newcastle 3D; Hyde Park Leeds 2D; Forum Hexham 2D; Lighthouse Poole 2D; Everyman Reigate 2D; Everyman Oxted 2D; Everyman Winchester 2D; Lexi London 2D.

PLEASE NOTE: Some venues are offering the Yu-Gi-Oh movie as part of their Kids' Club screenings, which means no admission to adults unless accompanied by an under-12! See below for screening breakdowns:

Aberdeen – Kids' Club 1130 Sat + grown-ups' show Sun 2030, Mon 1900.
Brighton – 3d for 14 May, 1100.
Bury - Grown-ups' show at 3.45 in Screen 2.
FACT Screen 1 Kids at 11:00, Adults straight after, 13:00 (both 3D)
Norwich – Screen 2  3D show for grown-ups at 11.30am. Kids at 11am
York –  Screen 2  3D show for grown-ups at 11.30am. Plus kids show at 11am
Lexi – May 21 Sat kids 11.30, adults 17.30.
Bath – Sat 13.30 kids, plus Mon 2030 for adults.
Oxford – Sat 13.30 kids, Mon 2100 adults show.


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