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Who is Spartacus?

Monday 30th January 2012

Unexpected anime connections to the notorious TV show

SpartacusStarz's Spartacus: Vengeance hits the UK tonight, just three days behind its US premiere. The Japanese have to wait a little longer to see the new show, but then again, that’s because they have to dub it all. As so often happens with foreign TV shows in Japan, the actors have been pulled from a roster heavy with familiar voices from the world of anime.

The face of Spartacus might change in Vengeance, but his voice in Japanese remains the same, supplied by Rikiya Koyama. Koyama had his anime debut as Doctor Doc in Pokemon, before finding meatier roles as Coyote Stark in Bleach, Tenshiro in Rideback, and Hideo Kuze in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Individual Eleven

The GITS connection continues with his nemesis Lucretia, whose Japanese voice is provided by Atsuko Tanaka, better known to English ears as leading lady Motoko Kusanagi. Meanwhile, the scheming Roman leader Glaber is voiced in Japanese by Jin Yamanoi, heard by anime fans most recently playing Lucio in Darker than Black. And Spartacus’s fellow revolutionaries, Oenomaus and Crixus, are played in Japanese by Kenji Nomura (Yami Llargo from Bleach), and Shunsuke Sakuya (Ryo Utagawa from Bleach, and Sakon/Ukon from Naruto).

Spartacus: Vengeance starts tonight on Sky1 in the UK.


Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 2

was £39.99
By popular demand, the anime fan-favourite released for the first time on DVD!

Four years after Tai, Mimi and the rest of the Digidestined brought peace to the digital world and found their way back home, the Digimon Emperor - a new villain - threatens the world and its Digital Monsters. With some the original kids off to junior high, a new generation is chosen to defend and save the world from evil.

Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken join T.K and Kari to form the new Digidestined team. Together they journey back to the Digital World to battle the Digimon Emperor and free all the Digital Monsters from his control.



The Yellow Peril

Jonathan Clements reviews a new account of Fu Manchu
The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu & The Rise of Chinaphobia (sic) is an enjoyably traditional work of gentlemanly erudition, with research in dusty archives accompanied by a slew of lunches with bigwigs and interviews with associates, as our polymath hero Sir Christopher Frayling examines the origins of the infamous mastermind from Sax Rohmer’s once-popular novels.

Fairy Tail Music: Jamil

Tom Smith on Fairy Tail’s 8th Opening Theme
If you’re reading this blog, there’s a fair chance that the idea of visiting Japan has crossed your mind a few times. American-born Jamil Abbas Kazmi had a similar thought, though he wanted to take it one step further by establishing a career out there.

John Lasseter on Animation

Pixar's producer on who killed the Catbus, spousal vetting and Big Hero 6
“Miyazaki’s reply was: I believe that if the American audience really wants to understand my films, they should all learn Japanese. I went: Thank you! but that’s not really going to help me with this. Then Miyazaki said: I trust you, do what’s right.”
Over the next few weeks we will be choosing our favourite Japanese and English voice actors. Disagree with our choices? Make sure you let us know your favourites!

Jimmy Murakami 1933-2014

Andrew Osmond remembers the man who did it all
By way of an obituary, we re-run Andrew Osmond's interview with the late Jimmy Murakami, originally published in March 2012.
The Last: Naruto The Movie  is out now on Blu-ray and DVD, so it’s a great time to find out which team from Naruto everyone prefers. Which of the Konoha teams do you wish to be a member of?

One Piece: Strong World

The Straw Hats Pirates come together for an adventure like no other...
Written by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda himself, Strong World leads the Straw Hats into the deadly path of Golden Lion Shiki.
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