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MCM Cosplay Zone

Tuesday 1st November 2011

The runners-up from our Cosplay Zone at this weekend's MCM Expo

Princess Leia Cosplay

Congratulations to all the amazing costumers who showed up at our Cosplay Zone photobooth over the weekend at the London MCM Expo. Roving photographer Paul Jacques snapped hundreds of photographs of truly intricate, original, professional-quality cosplays. Vic MignognaEntrants included characters from games, anime, manga, movies and comics, and even this remarkably realistic Vic Mignogna lookalike. Although he didn't give his name. (You idiot: that is Vic Mignogna - Ed). We'll be uploading some of our favourites over the weeks to come, and also announcing the winners in our Best Male, Best Female and Best Group categories at the end of this week on Friday. Thanks to all the costumers who took part; you make Expo such a fun experience for us. And keep your eyes on this blog for more pictures from the weekend.

But first, here are our picks of the runners up: each of you will be getting a prize from Manga entertainment.

Best Princess Leia Slave Girl is shown above. No, not Vic. The other one. A lovely, polite young lady who gives Carrie Fisher a run for her money in the "who can be the most glamorous Rebel Alliance spy" stakes.

He-Man Cosplay

Best Group Runner Up: She-Ra and He-Man. An amazing effort that captures our fond childhood memories of the great muscled one and his glamorous cousin. Extra points were earned for He-Man’s close likeness to Angus Deayton. GREAT EFFORT. Some prizes will be sent out to them next week, for the honour of Grayskull.

Arrancars Bleach CosplayAnother notable Group runner-up are our two Arrancars from Bleach. Excellent attention to detail.

Doctor Who CosplayBest Dr. Who: Great pose! Allons-y!

Jean Gray Cosplay

We are also happy to see the cosplay scene widen to cater to some well known Marvel and DC comic characters such as Jean Gray, above, and the less well known, but very hip cartoon character Freakazoid, below.


And an honourable mention for this fantastically slinky Mystique.

Mystique Cosplay

We really enjoyed seeing some of the amazing original designs from the UK Steampunk scene. This October saw costumes that have really upped the ante. Special mention must go to the one below. A very cool-looking hand-made coat, which would not look too shabby on the high street.

SteampunkBut just think, if this is how good the runners-up are, imagine what amazing winners we'll be announcing at the weekend...


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Dragon Ball UK DVD Release Details

Clarification of a few details
Since our announcement we have had it confirmed by TOEI Animation (The Licensor) that the masters being used for our release will be those used in Australia by Madman Entertainment. At the time of our announcement this had not been confirmed to us.

Yu-gi-oh: Duel Monsters

Andrew Osmond on the world-beating media mix
It’s notable that, despite what you might think looking at the franchise now, Yu-Gi-Oh! was not conceived as a card game tie-in, any more than Totoro was made to sell soft toys (though both benefitted hugely from the spin-offs). When it began, the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga was rather different from the anime which most people know.

Gekiga at the Cartoon Museum

Jonathan Clements visits an exhibition of manga’s pioneers
Running upstairs at London’s Cartoon Museum until 29th November, Gekiga: Alternative Manga From Japan charts the evolution of truly adult comics, both in terms of content and style, in the post-war period.

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

The first rule of Kenichi is: big eyes and kick ass.
In the real world, mastering a martial art takes years of devotion. All require a harsh physical regimen that pushes the body to the limit. Of course, we’re dealing with the world of anime, so we have a sneaking suspicion that Kenichi Shirahama might be able to go from shy, quiet bookworm to martial arts prodigy in a matter of weeks. All it takes to send him on the path to becoming Chuck Norris’ worst nightmare is falling for the new girl in class after he sees her single-handedly demolishing a group of thugs.

Dragon Radar GT 1

It’s going to be a tough journey – but who’s along for the ride?
Dragon Ball GT presents an all new adventure for Goku and his allies, sending them on an interplanetary quest to find the mysterious Black Star Dragon Balls and save the Earth! It’s going to be a tough journey – but who’s along for the ride?
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