Cosplay: Vampire Knight

Paul Jacques on the cosplayers of Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight Cosplay

Never as twee as Twilight or as bloody as Blade, Vampire Knight has stood the middle ground between romance and horror. This popular series now draws to a close and we finally see how the love triangle of Yuki, Kaname and Zero finally resolves. And so it is with a little sadness, dapper suits and Blood Rose close to hand, we say adieu to the last disc in this Manga Entertainment supernatural series.

Vampire Knight Cosplay

Vampire Knight has been a steady influence on people’s choice of cosplay throughout its duration. The Manga Entertainment photo booth at MCM Expo has seen numerous Vampire Knight costumers ever since the series first aired on TV Tokyo in 2008 — long before Manga Entertainment even picked up the UK rights! The very first was an entire group, with seven characters all cramming themselves into the same photo: Sarah Kwok, Simone Kwok, Yuki Chung, Yuyi Chung, Mai Nong, Hin Gian, and Winkei Chan. Since then, we’ve had a steady number pass in front of the camera, with Vampire Knight characters proving particularly popular with the ladies: check out Ruby Howell and her umbrella, or the flame-haired Starla Star (right).

>Vampire Knight Cosplay

Maybe it’s the combination of vampire lovers and a promise of something more than just a peck on cheek (a nibble on the neck?) that continues to attract, but cosplayers do seem  to enjoy portraying this series with a genuine hunger for what it represents.

The final episodes of Vampire Knight: Guilty are out now on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.

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