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Ever wonder just how Goku and friends became the greatest heroes on Earth? Wonder no more, as the original Dragon Ball reveals the origins of Akira Toriyama’s beloved creations! The faces may look familiar, but everything else is different in this classic series!

Piccolo Jr. Unlike King Piccolo, this is the same character fans of Dragon Ball Z know, but at this stage in his life he takes more after his father! The final ‘son’ of the original and also a pseudo-reincarnation, he was birthed expressly to avenge his death at Goku’s hands. Relentlessly training for years between World Martial Arts Tournaments, his plan is to both humiliate and destroy the young warrior. Still bonded in spirit with Kami, the pure half of the being his father was split from, the only way Piccolo can be defeated is for both to die.

Kami. Once known as the ‘Nameless Namekian’, the ancient Kami came to serve as the Guardian of Earth, the closest thing to a god the planet has in the Dragon Ball universe, after purging all evil from his being. While this created Piccolo, Kami also created Earth’s Dragon Balls, hoping to inspire humanity to acts of bravery and heroism and to counter Piccolo’s darkness. Although a powerful fighter, Kami rarely fights himself, though he does enter the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in disguise to try to capture Piccolo Jr.

Master Mutaito. One of the greatest martial artists ever to walk the Earth, and sensei to both Master Roshi and Master Shen. Mutaito developed the Evil Containment Wave technique, and sacrificed his life using it to trap King Piccolo decades earlier. Goku meets his grand-master through a time travel oddity while training to battle Piccolo Jr, learning valuable new techniques in the process. In his prime, Mutaito served Goku’s role as protector of the world, and although he doesn’t have a huge presence in the series himself, but his legacy is felt throughout the entire Dragon Ball saga!

Chi-Chi. You’d scarcely believe the shrill, over-protective wife and mother Chi-Chi becomes in Dragon Ball Z was once as boisterous as Goku himself! Although she appears as a fearful girl who wins most of her battles through luck or accident, by the time she reappears in the Piccolo Jr saga, she’s toughened up, and holds her own against Goku in a match. Clearly, the way to a Saiyan’s heart is through martial arts, since the two have been married ever since!

Annin. The final obstacle Goku has to face before the epic saga of Dragon Ball Z kicks off is to save Chi-Chi’s father, the Ox King, from a supernatural fire. To do so, he’ll need to travel to the Furnace of Eight Divisions, where he must convince its guardian Annin to help extinguish the flames. Fiercely devoted to her job of keeping the human and demon worlds separate, she’s reluctant to lend her assistance – though a battle with Goku may sway her opinion! Loosely based on Princess Iron Fan from Journey to the West, on which Toriyama loosely based the original Dragon Ball, Annin is a fond farewell to that classic influence, before Super Saiyans, alien emperors, and interplanetary conflict brings a sci-fi edge to the series!

Dragon Ball box set #5 is out now on UK DVD from Manga Entertainment.

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