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5 reasons why you should play Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Ask any fan to list their top anime and more often than not Dragon Ball will get a mention somewhere. Whether it’s the beloved Z series, the epic Super saga, or even 1984’s original Dragon Ball, the stories of the Saiyans and their planet shattering battles have touched the hearts of millions.

With Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot coming out early next year, you’re probably thinking why do we need another Dragon Ball game? Well whether you’re a well seasoned fan looking for the perfect nostalgia kick, or a newbie in need of a crash course in the Z story then this is the ideal game for you. Here’s Why.

1. You get to play through the whole of Dragon Ball Z

This reason is a little obvious, but Kakarot does give you a comprehensive breakdown of the events of Dragon Ball Z giving you control of your favourite key moments. If you’re looking to get stuck into your favourite fights from the anime, watch Raditz laugh at a farmer with a measly power rating of 5, or just get up to speed with the story before jumping into the epicness that is Dragon Ball Super. Then this game is perfect for you.

2. It’s a true action RPG, not just with Goku and Gohan

Much like a good chunk of Dragon Ball games out there, you once again jump into the gi of Goku, you also get to play as son Gohan as he trains to become a force to be reckoned with. However, what makes Kakarot truly great is you also get to play as some of the epic characters in Z’s roster, including Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks.

There’s also certain points in the game where you’ll be teaming up with various characters and giving them commands. For example when playing Goku during one of the first battles against Raditz. Piccolo will join you in the fight, and assist you as and when you need it.

What’s more, you’ll get to level up these characters in true RPG fashion and unlock new super moves. You can add these characters to community boards which give you and the characters you’re playing stat boosts to help out during the more challenging parts of the game.

3. There’s a lot of fighting, but also some down time

When it comes to any Dragon Ball game fighting is usually a key component, and Kakarot is no exception. However, there will be points during your playtime where you’ll be able to take in your surroundings and engage in some recreational activities such as cooking, taking the Nimbus out for a leisurely flight, or fishing for giant comedy sized fish with your monkey tail.

4. Discover story moments from the original Dragon Ball series

If you get a kick out of exploration then Kakarot has you covered. Not only are there collectables, but also key items for you to find which link back to Goku’s time growing up and training with Master Roshi. So make sure you keep an eye out.

5. Side quests that capture the true spirit of Dragon Ball

One of the best things about Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the fan service, and this is most apparent in the games’ side quests. One mission had us hunting down a specific magazine that Master Roshi had misplaced. Seasoned fans can probably guess the nature of this magazine and newbies will just get a slight insight into Master Roshi’s true nature. It’s little side quests like this that give that extra level needed to make it feel like a true Dragon Ball title.

6. Bonus: You can Ki blast dinosaurs!
Need I say more?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is out on January 17th and Dragon Ball Super’s final part is out on January 20th.

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