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Remember, you can also contact us on Twitter and Facebook (and you might get a quicker response)!

I received a faulty product! What should I do?
In the event of receiving a damaged or faulty product, please contact your retailer directly.

Will you be licensing my favourite anime? (And variations thereof)
We are constantly researching and looking at anime to license – and are always open to hearing what you would like to see come to the UK. However, if we are considering a show or film, we are unable to comment on it until it has been officially announced. In other words, we couldn’t tell you about it if we wanted to! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and you’ll be the first to know about our latest acquisitions and releases.

I’m interested in working in anime. Are you hiring?
We’re a very small, tight-knit team – unfortunately this means we don’t often have opportunity or need to recruit and do not accept speculative applications.

Where can I buy your products?
We distribute our products to most UK Home Entertainment retailers online and on the high street, including HMV, FOPP, Forbidden Planet,, Zavvi, Entertainment Magpie and Amazon to name a few! You can also get them right here from our online shop.

Can I screen one of your films at my festival/cinema?
For screening enquiries, please get in contact below with details about your event or organisation and the name of the film in question. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we cannot grant screening rights outside of the UK & Ireland. 

Can you give me permission to make anime merchandise?
Unfortunately we do not hold any merchandising rights for the anime we release, and therefore cannot grant permission to print t-shirts, make figures or otherwise produce anime memorabilia. 

Why are you called Manga if you only sell anime?
We got our name way back in the early nineties, when both Japanese animation and comics in the West were often referred to under the same umbrella term – ‘manga’. And the name stuck! We dabbled in a little publishing in the past, but now concentrate on distributing anime and Japanese film in the UK – no manga.

When you get in touch with us via our contact form, we only take your name and email address so we can get back to you – that’s it! We don’t share or archive any of that data.

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