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Poll – Would You Like To See Death Note Released On Blu-Ray?

The Death Note complete series DVD collection was released just over six years ago in the UK. Now, Viz Media have an upscaled Blu-ray release scheduled for next year over in America. Despite being animated in standard definition, there are reasons for releasing the title on the Blu-ray format.

Death Note

For starters, Blu-ray has much better audio quality and is able to preserve the integrity of the original recordings for your enjoyment. Another of the biggest benefits of Blu-ray lies in the video codecs; Blu-ray’s MPEG-4 AVC codec is more efficiently compressed than the one used for DVD-Video. So, while the video may only be an upscale of a standard definition source, more detail is retained compared to the DVD-Video release.

It isn’t just technical improvements that justify Blu-ray releases of standard definition, or upscaled content. Blu-ray discs feature a scratch resistant coating to ensure a longer lifespan than DVDs; anyone that has been buying DVDs for the past decade knows how easy they are to scratch. The storage available per disc is around 5 times that of a DVD, meaning the same amount of content can be provided on fewer discs; Death Note was released as a 9 DVD set, while Viz’s Blu-ray release will utilise only 5 discs.

So, this week’s question is:
Would you like to see Death Note receive a UK Blu-ray release?

Vote below, and let us know what you think via our social channels.

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Death Note: Complete Series And Ova Collection Trailer

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