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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Is The New Pinnacle For The Franchise!

YonkouProd tells us what makes this Dragon Ball outing so special. 

Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable and known franchises to have come out of the anime space, spanning over 30 years, yet it has always managed to keep fans charmed and anticipating what our heroes Goku and Vegeta will be up to with every instalment.

The latest entry, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is an impressive showcase that was scripted by none other than the series creator himself, Akira Toriyama. His involvement along with the past popularity of Broly has allowed for Toriyama to officially introduce the Saiyan Broly into the lore and canon of the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The past movies featuring Broly weren’t handled by Toriyama, so older fans who may remember the character have a lot to look forward to. This reimagining introduces a level of nuance and brilliance to Broly, which elevates him beyond being a mindless brute. It also manages to pay homage to the original in subtle ways, so for those seasoned fans be sure to keep an eye out for those moments in the film.

This film also signifies a renewal for Dragon Ball, especially in a visual sense. It’s a complete overhaul of the visual identity of the series, with character designs by Naohiro Shintani, that has bought the art style of the anime much closer to Toriyama’s original manga aesthetic. As a result, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the best the series has ever looked in animated form. You can look forward to blood pumping action and set pieces that will leave your mind in awe and shock as you experience the best of what Dragon Ball has to offer, alongside Director Tatsuya Nagamine’s visual flair that brings a quality to Broly that we’ve never seen before. It really is worth reiterating that Broly has the most mind-blowing and intense animation sequences that we’ve never seen before, it’ll remain as the new standard for what to expect from a Dragon Ball film.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Likewise, the story is sure to offer a lot to seasoned fans and new ones alike, with an unadulterated look at the history of the Saiyans by Toriyama, that we’ve never had before and is sure to give fans a great time. The film also offers some witty humour and classic Dragon Ball gags that consistently land and will get a laugh out of everyone in the cinema.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is an impressive showcase of what Dragon Ball has to offer with some of the best action, animation and emotionally engaging content that will leave even the most casual of fan hooked.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be showing in select cinemas across the UK & Ireland from January 23rd, both sub & dub. All screening info & ticket booking can be found at

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