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Manga UK Creative: Dragon Ball Special!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits cinemas across the UK & Ireland on January 23rd! To celebrate we asked the community to share with us their fanart and other creations for a Dragon Ball special Manga UK Creative. Sadly we can’t post all of the fantastic entries, but here are some of our favourites.


Featured Artist – Insanity AshInsanity Ash


Broly – By ELordy Broly - By ELordy

Frieza by Space EmperorFrieza by Space Emperor


*Other entries we loved*

Vegeta by Imran Vegeta by Imran

Several Characters by LaurenSeveral Characters by Lauren

Bulma – Daisy
Bulma - Daisy

Goku by Denzil Hindmarch
Goku by Denzil Hindmarch

Cosplay by Trent L. Cannon and partnerCosplay by Trent L. Cannon and partner

Gohan by Silent SwordsmanGohan by Silent Swordsman

Bulma by Samii Bulma by Samii

Gohan by Dragon Ball RetroGohan by Dragon Ball Retro

Thank you to everybody who entered and we look forward to seeing what you all create next!

The Best My Hero Academia Quirks

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