Manga UK Creative – July 2020

Welcome to July 2020’s Manga UK Creative. We’ve been asking the Manga UK community to share with us their fanart, cosplay, and other creations. Sadly we can’t share them all, but here are some of our favourites.

Please keep your entries coming and you might be featured in the next Manga UK Creative!


July 2020’s featured artwork comes from a learner at NESCOT, a college in Epsom, Surrey

*1st Place*
Benjamin Moorcroft with an amazing piece of art and a cosplay too!

*2nd Place*
Andrew Holmes

*3rd Place*
Vix Brydon

*Other entries we loved*
Adam Frost

Becky Pett

Ashley King

Maria Cleary

Peter Francis Fahy

Adrian Price

Georgia Cavanagh

Ashley Maber

Thank you to everybody who entered and we look forward to seeing what you all create next!

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